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Monday, January 5, 2009

Why "World in 1/ 72 scale"?

Hello Everybody,

who takes a look at my blog!

I don't know the reason for your visit; but you are sincerly "WELCOME!"

I was born in Istanbul, studied in a German Highschool and Economics Faculty of University of Istanbul.

I am 44 years old and for the time being I am living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with my wonderful wife.

The last 15 years I lived in Munich/Germany in different companies in Product and Finance Departments.

I am unemployed since the 01 October 2008 (not because of the global crisis!) and enjoy my marriage with my sweetheart!

This timeout gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my everlasting hobby "Modelling in 1/72 scale"

It's difficult to find any specialized modelling shop in Sao Paulo. But of course, as in many other countries, you can buy online.

Even in online shopping, the number of options in 1/72 scale are limited. The prices are higher than in Europe and North America due to the high transportation and tax costs on the imported products and the profit per unit is low.

The logically first question could be: "Why did I choose 1/72 scale?"

I began making modells in early 80's.

Those days we had high taxes on imported goods in Turkey and we had to pay high prices (converted into any foreign currency) for a small scale plastic modell.

So it was a desicion with a financial background.

But today, with a collection of small models, which are getting more and more I am very happy with this decision. (my wife especially!) as they require less space...

At the moment, I am not sure how I should/would/want to design this blog. Any opinion or idea to improve this blog is welcome.

Thanks in advance

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