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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T-34/76 fast kit from Armourfast!

The first kit built on August is another fast-kit from Armourfast.

The T-34/76 which was produced in 2004, while the brand was a part of HAET İndustries.

I think that it isn't necessary to describe the T-34 for even the beginners in our hobby.

The model itself is a very basic kit, ideal for the wargamers and beginners.

There are ONLY 8 pieces to each kit; 2 track units, hull, hull underside, 76 mm. gun, turret mount, hull MG.

But it's easy to add little extras from your spare box, which could make the model very realistic.

As usual by Haet 2 kits in a box and I may add, that the quality lack is noticeable in this "old - one of the firsts" model in the fast-kit niche of our hobby.

Buy it and give as a gift to your 5-6 year old nephew..

İt could be a start...