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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Italian cavalry WW2 from Waterloo 1815!


Cavalry during World war 2 and it's not the polish one!

The new surprise from my favorite figure manufacturer "Waterloo 1815" is the Italian cavalry during World War 2.

The charge of the polish cavalry during "Case White/ Invasion of Poland" is a well know-myth.

But a lot of people don't know that the 3. Cavalry Division Amedeo Duca d'Aosta took part on the eastern front during WW2.

The division was part of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia and fought till 1943.

Each division had two cavalry regiments, a highly-mobile infantry (Bersaglieri) regiment, an artillery regiment, and a light tank group.

The squadrons of the cavalry regiments were horse-mounted and, other than a motorcycle company, the Bersaglieri were issued with bicycles.

The light tank group had a total of 61 tanks. The tanks were typically L3s or L6s.(All info from Wikipedia!)

This part of history is now alive thanks to "Waterloo 1815" in 1/72 scale.

Here are the first picrures: (From

the figures:

the horses:

the accessories:

The set contents 10 figures and 10 horses, with 5 figure- and 2 horse poses.

The material is fairly hard.


  1. The weapons is a good idea, but why are they shooting downwards??? Only two horse poses, not bad ones but still too few IMHO

  2. I think, they surprised the enemy and are still in front of them, so that there is not too much distance! (Who knows!)

    Two horse poses are really few, but I believe it has to do with the cost of sculptes!

  3. The idea is great and the sculpting good as usual from Waterloo. The only thing I can't stay is the price. 10 Figures for 9 Euros. They are comming close to the metal price:-(((

  4. WOW!

    This is the price in Germany, I think!

    I here will pay only 6 EUR!

    Pacific region prices...

    Sorry Uwe!