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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hayreddin Barbarossa - Altar Marketing figure

I am proud to present the first new product in 2012 from Altar marketing.

Hayreddin Barbarossa, a famous Ottoman admiral active in the first half of the 16. century!

The figure is 25mm figure and made of resin.

The Grand Admiral of the Ottoman navy, conqueror of Algiers and Tunisia and he won a great victory at Prevesa in 1538 against a large fleet led by Admiral Andrea Dorea.

It can be ordered from

Battles of Westeros expansion "Brotherhood without banners" - figures in comparison!

Hi Sam,

here are the comparison:

At first with Battlelore figures:

then with 1/72 scale figures:

More detailed info for you:

and the cavalry:

Sorry for the delay!

The new season is COMİNG..

Don't miss it:

Game of Thrones: Season 2 Teaser

Just waiting for the 01 April 2012...

The announcement on the website:

"Cold winds are rising as the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones" returns for its second season, April 2012.

As the Lannisters, the Starks, and the Baratheons prepare for war, we ask you:

Where does your allegiance lie?"

and reading meanwhile the book...

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Battles of Westeros" order tokens - receiving through "order rating" and discarding!

The "order tokens" are one of the important aspects of the game.

We use them to give a single order to an uncontrolled active unit.

Beside each battle plan in "Westeros Battle Plans" book, there is an order rating icon (the "two dices" - picture).

The active player rolls a number of dices equal to that number and takes order tokens from the "order supply" matching the dice results.

That makes with the order tokens from the previous round his "order pool".

For further information:

15.02.2011 order-tokens-another-component-in BoW!

During the last phase (Regroup phase) of each round there are 6 sub-sections.

One of them, the fourth section, is called "Discard excess resources".

The active player may choose one of his order tokens and discard the rest into the "order pool".

This means, that each player may have maximum one order token in his play area to carry over to the next round.

RC - King Tiger in 1/24 scale from Forces of Valor

and here is the video:

With a so-called "BATTLE BEAM TECHNOLOGY"!

Watch your tank “recoil” with every shot!

or taking a “damage”!

Practice your marksmanship before you head into combat!

RC - King Tiger from Forces of Valor in 1/24 scale!

Hi guys!

You all know that the main scale of our figures and models in the blog is 1/72 or 1/76.

İt's rare, that we talk about another productions in different scales.

But this one earns our interest:

İt's a King Tiger in 1/24 scale from Forces of Valor distributed by Revell Germany and radio controlled!

Forces of Valor is famous with its high standards of quality and this time they made not an exception.

This is a "Ready-to-Run" Panzer with detailed design and digital-Proportional speed!

The IR-Battle system makes the difference in my opinion. Nowadays there are some panzers in 1/24 or even bigger scales, but fight against up to 3 teams for the price of 90 .- EUR is more than acceptable.

There will be more to report abaout this new production line...

İnternational Toy fair Nürnberg 2012!

Yes; there are only 2 days left!

And then the next Nürnberger Toy fair will begin!

The fair takes between 01.02. - 06.02.

This year the fair begins 2 days earlier than last year.

Some indicators from last year:


2,687 exhibitors from 63 countries

79,243 visitors from 114 countries


1 million products, including 70,000 new products

This years special is:


2012 will be the year of the teenagers at the International Toy Fair.

The Toy Fair Special, is devoted to the interesting target group of 13- to 17-year-olds and their consumer behaviour!

But our interest will be as usual on "model construction/hobbies" as described by the fair management!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New items for 2012 by Airfix!

For 2012 in 1/76 scale military vehicles and resin buildings there will be nothing new and something new IMHO!

One of the 2 new AFV's is a "Mathilda":

The other one is "King tiger":

This one will have a "New tooling"!

The interesting news for me are the resin buildings:

This year the main theme will be "the bridge":

Narrow road bridge road span:


Narrowroad bridge broken span:

Don't forget: The images are just samples!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Humbrol Range Preview!

Today new products from HUMBROL in our blog!

More colours, more accessoires and a new work station!

My favorites in this news are:

Weathering powders:

for weathering and ageing model kits with many effects like, dust, dirt, mud, rust and so on.

Enamel Paint packs :

Acrylic Paint packs :
and a work station:

A must for every modeller. The Work Station is made from a tough and durable material.

İts features:

-Double depth sections for holding 8 14ml/12ml Humbrol Enamel or Acrylic pots, or 3ml Humbrol Acrylic pots.
-Double depth water cup holders, which allows the modeller to place Humbrol 28ml products, such as; matt, satin & gloss cotes, Deaclfix, Maskol, Clearfix, Thinners and Liquid Poly.

-Designed to fit the new Humbrol A4 Cutting mat within the working area

-Two mixing areas either side of the Cutting Mat.

-A4 Instruction sheet holder.

-Brush and tool holders.

-Easy to hold handles either side of the Work Station.

-Rubber feet, which allows the modeller to place on a flat surface
All info from Humbrol webpage!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New 3D sculpting technology, low costs, less figures, no more historics!

Hi folks,

after reading at first the rumors and then the facts about Zvezda's 2012 product list, I checked my posts from last year and recognized this post:

With the infantry figures for their new boardgame "The great Patriotic War 1941" they made the first steps, into the new direction, producing figures with a new technology, without any sculptor:

Does it mean, that the days of sculptor-designed figures are over?

No more natural and aesthetic looking historic figures?

Producing with lower costing, more products and faster, hoping more profit!?

Hopefully, so-called "special sets" in periodic intervals, created through sculptors!

Hope dies last!

Zvezda 2012 news!

Zvezda have recently confirmed their plans for 2012.

The sad news is that apart from the two World War II sets announced last year (German and Soviet Infantry), there will be no new figure sets this year.

However all the previously announced Art of Tactic sets (small game pieces - generally four figures) have new release dates, and there are a number of new World War II additions to the list.

The new sets are as follows:
6143 - German Medical Personnel
6152 - Soviet Medical Personnel
6166 - British Infantry
6167 - British Machine Gun Crew
6168 - British Mortar with Crew
6178 - German Regular Infantry
6179 - Soviet Regular Infantry
6180 - German Elite Troops
6181 - Soviet Militia
6182 - German Anti-Tank Team

Further reading about "Art of tactic":

No more historic sets?

Monday, January 9, 2012


Today, 3 years ago I started with this blog, when I was living in Sao Paulo in Brasil.

I continued in İstanbul / Turkey for 1 year; then Colombo / Sri Lanka again for 1 year and now continuing in istanbul / Turkey again.

There were interruptions due hard times but it still goes on,


Happy Birthday BLOG!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haet's Egyptian camel corps, the box, poses and camels again!

On request, the cover of the box:

and the figures:

İt's important to notice, that the most of the riders acted as "mounted infantry", because the camel was a difficult animal to control, which made hit rate very low, when shooted from the saddle.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Camels in logistics and Haet's Egyptian camel corps!

During a campaign the overland transport system, sometimes even the waterway transport, if the river leads in the wrong direction relied on animal power.

The camel, expecting the water buffalo, was the favorite animal, because of its freight capacity.

İn comparison it was even faster and better suitable for the climate.

A load capacity of a camel is app. 250 kg and special skins from leather were produced for this purpose.

During the centuries the arabic camels were crossed with Bactrian ones from Central Asia for creating hybrids which were more resistant to the Anatolian and Balkan climates.

The camel figures are from Haet’s “Egyptian camel corps” set.

The set was released in 2008.

İt contents 12 figures with 4 poses and 12 camels with 3 poses.

The plastic is a fairly soft one.

You can use them for the Anglo-egyptian army, but also for the Ottoman one.

Roads in medieval times and additional wagons from İmex wagon sets!

The insufficient infrastructure and primitive transport technology in medieval times were the weakest point of the military system in this period.

Even under ideal weather conditions the roads and especially bridges were unstable.

The wagons were also not so resistant.

The munition wagon from İmex set:

The ambulance wagon from the same set:

This set was released in 1997 and the models were made from medium consistensy plastic. İt contents 2 wagons, 2 drivres and 2 patients lying in litter.

Baygirs for different periods!

Here more baygirs from Airfix "german mountain troops" and Haet's "numidian cavalry" for the trail wagons from different periods:

Numidian horses combined with Gauls (Revell set)

When we talk about the "army" of a pre-modern time, we have to consider not only the soldiers and each sortof guns, but also the pack and war animals!

Actually regarding "food" issue, the animals have priority. The daily demand of an animal is twice as high as an soldier, which means the amount of fodder transport and storage on major depots was an essential issue.

As an example, the Ottoman army required for the Baghdad campaign of 1638-39 more than 77.000 camels only for carrying grain.

A horse from "Airfix" combined with an "Esci" barbarian!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Altar modelling 2012 calendar!

When I got my last order from Altar modelling, Ankara/Turkey, there was a nice surprise in the paket.

The new calendar of 2012 as a gift!

Altar published last year for the first time a table calendar, which had a photo of its products on each months page.

This years theme is the Ottoman army organisation.

The pictures are very well choosen.

and here is the first one, January 2012:

The logistics of armies at war!

As we announced it before, this years main theme in our hobby will be "Middle Ages" (combined with Fantasy!)

At the moment I am graduating MA in Ottoman history and my term papers theme is

"Food for the ottoman army in a campaign!"

So you can imagine why we have choosen this theme!

By pre-modern armies the whole organisation of logistics was based on transport over vast distances and pack animals were the key element.

One of them was the "horse".

There were two kinds of it.

One, as we all know, "warhorse" and the other, so-called "baygir" ("beygir" in turkish) as pack animal.

The "horse" was actually not a typical pack animal, more "warhorse".

But I addded two pack - horses to our wagon trail.

Yes, maybe some of you recognised that the horse is from the legendary set of Airfix, which isn't (maybe couldn't because of the lost molds!?) reproduced since many decades:

German mountain troops!

The other "baygir" is from Esci italian mountain troops:

All the figures can be chanced depending which army will be provisioned!

Monday, January 2, 2012


This year's another innovation is our "Sister blogs" - practice.

The ones who is interested in models; who is producing models, figures or just blogging about models and figures are will be invited to be our "sister blog"!

İt doesn't matter if you accept the innovation or not; your blog will be presented here!

Let's begin!

The first one is from Antalya/Turkey: is a meeting place for turkish modellers in 1/72 and 1/76 scales.

Very creative and productive!

Chuck wagon and prairie schooner from İMEX!

İf you want to build a wagon trail you have not so much choices in 1/72 scale.

İMEX is one of them, with 2 sets!

The set is released in 1997, with 2 wagons, 2 horses, 2 oxen and 2 figures.

The plastic is medium!

The release date is old but not the mold and sculpting!

Yesterday I posted the chuck wagon.

Todays item is a prairie schooner, which is pulled by oxen. The wagon in the set is for american history in the 19th century. But you need to change only the figure, then you can use the wagon for each period.

The figure on the photo is from a medieval Europe set.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Middle Ages and Fantasy in 2012!

The figures and models about Middle Ages will be the main theme in 2012.

We decided to concentrate us on this period and combine it with Fantasy, so that we use a lot of figures in our boardgames, like "Battlelore" and "Battles of Westeros".

At the moment we are building a wagoon trail with different wagons:

The chuck wagon is from the İMEX Chuck wagon and Prairie Schooner set.

The figure is from a medieval Europe set, but I forgot which "brand"; sorry guys!