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Monday, December 27, 2010

M4A3 75 mm. Sherman Fast-Assembly kit!

Those days are Italeri products - days!

I don't know if we may describe it this way, but I have done!

That's the third new-product from Italeri, all annouced in their 2010 catalog!

After their M4A2 Sherman III, fast-assembly kit:

this one is from the same family just with 75 mm. gun.

(The picture is from global-models website!)

The set contains as usual 2 models, each with 13 parts (the last Shermans had 15 parts!)

And with a special wargames decals sheet. (If someone can explain, their speciality? Maybe more resistant!?)

I heard you, saying:"Something new, but nothing new! No offence, but who misses a Sherman tank in his collection?!"

Maybe, you are right, if you are collecting and building models since 20-30 years.

But, especially the newcomers (you, know, this new generation, who should have everything very quick! Bought and done!) and the small ones, 5 till 10 years, beginners need those fast assembly kits, IMHO!

Because of that, "Thanks Italeri!"


No, I am also not tired of it!


  1. For a bone idle moodeller like myself I like the look of them,quick, nicely detailed and a step up on the HaT stuff.At least they have decals now.

  2. I agree, while HAT started this off a few years back (almost 10!) Italeri has a better product.

    In my opinon of course.

  3. I think, HAT is the forerunner, as the one who began to produce fast-kits regularly!

    I build some of them, find "OK!" for kids and wargamers, but missed always decals.

    I still miss, the last 2 models "Crusader" and "Sd. Kfz." from HAT, which should be better quality. The folks, who build them, commmend those models!