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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

an electronic version of "C&C:Ancients" - boardgame from GMT Games

This time I would like to share with you an announcement from a boardgame publisher.

GMT Games is IMHO one of the bests, if not the best! (I know, its subjective!)

"Update on Electronic Games I promised many of you online that I'd give you an update on where we stand with our electronic games this time. So I polled all the development teams, only to find that the Christmas season and "real job" work requirements had caused a slowdown over the past couple months with many of our electronic game projects. Look for an announcement over the next couple of weeks about our agreement for the electronic rights to our two Commands & Colors series of games! Contracts have been signed and now we're just working on coordinating on the press releases."
İf you know more about the game:

And additionally a call from GMT games:

Please note that we are also VERY MUCH still looking for development partners for a bunch of our games. If it's not on the list I gave above (except for Labyrinth, which is committed as part of a deal with the Twilight Struggle team, or For the People, which is committed as a 2nd game to the Empire of the Sun team assuming all goes well with EotS), we'd love to talk with any interested developers about either an iOS, Android, or PC version. We'd prefer tablet games at present, but there are some for which the larger screen of the PC is more appropriate, so we're open to those as well. The below is by no means an exclusive list, as we're open to talking about any of our games, but I for one would love to see and play electronic versions of: American Revolution Series, Fields of Fire, Blackbeard, Conquest of Paradise, Great Battles of the American Civil War Series, Great Battles of History Series, Leaping Lemmings, Musket & Pike Series, Hellenes, Pax Romana, Santa Fe Rails, Successors, The Conquerors: Alexander, The Kaiser's Pirates, The Napoleonic Wars (and Wellington and Kutuzov)

That's all for this time on the electronic front.

If you are a programmer/developer or company rep and would like to talk with us about creating an electronic version of one of our games, or if you are interested in testing (send contact info and UDD of your iPad please) please contact me (Gene) at

Their website:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Samurai figures in 1/72 scale from Zvezda with CAD technology!

Zvezda started to produce a new serie of miniatures in 1/72 scale dedicated to legendary Japan warriors – samurais.

The first set that opens this serie is “Ashigaru-Yari”.

There are 5 figures (4 poses), foot pieces, flags and two sets of decals for Oda and Takeda clans.

All figures are made with using new 3D-modeling technology.

All parts of miniatures are highly detailed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Battle for the Danube - expansion of "Art of Tactic"

There are more photos of the new units in the expansion:

Armoured train:

River boat:

Unarmoured train:

Romanian unit:

Another photo of the whole expansion:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zvezda's new expansion for boardgame "Art of Tactic"

There will be an expansion for Zvezda's boardgame "Art of Tactic", which is called "Battle for the Danube".

Due to the cover picture, there will be river boats, a bridge and armoured train. I think additional romanian units too.

The ones who checked the photos from Nuremberg 2012 recognized the river boats and armoured train weeks ago!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revell 2012 "UHU" 1/48 scale and Flower class corvette 1/72 scale

Another photos from Nuremberg 2012

From Revell 1/72 scale corvette Platinium edition:

The finished model is in 1/48 scale, the one on the picture 1/32 scale. They are getting more and more bigger; do we need a special room for this new models?

U.S.S. Kearsarge in 1/700 scale:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012 more photos..

Here we go agaın!

MCM group:

Goblin MK I

FF-1 US Navy fighter

ICM group:

Russian fighter with slieds

MPM photo manual:

All photos are again form "" - webpage.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nuremberg Toy fair...

ICM productions:


Soviet light night bomber:


Mistel S2 (first quarter of 2012):


"Pearl Harbour attack":

Nuremberg 2012 Toy fair and Italeri!

This year Italeri has its 50. birthday!

The diorama from Revell:

A close-up photo from Hobbby Boss:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battles of westeros - round - second phase: "Marshaling phase"!

The second phase in the first round is called "Marshaling phase".

During this phase, players gain resources for the round.

These resources are order tokens and leadership cards.

The following actions will be taken by both players:

1-Receive order tokens

2-Draw leadership cards

On each scenario in the "Battle plans"-book there is an information about game components.

Battle plan description:

1-Receive order tokens:

In this description, the so-called order rating icon determines the number of dices,

which should be rolled by each player during the marshaling phase for receiving order tokens.

The player takes order tokens that match the dice results from the supply.

At the end of each ROUND EACH player MUST discard Leadership cards and order tokens (of his choice) so that he has maximum of one leadership card and one order token for the next round.

This one order token (since the beginning of the second round!) and the additional order tokens matching the dice results form the players ORDER POOL.

2-Draw leadership cards:

In the battle plan description there is also a leadership rating icon:

Equal to this number each player draw cards from his own leadership deck and add to any card he carried from the previous round.

If there is no more cards remaining in his deck; then he shuffles his discard pile to form a new leadership deck.

Altar Modelling has a new product: Mete Han

This is the draft:

Thıs ıs the end-product:

Another view:

more photos from Nürnberg İnternational Toy fair...

Here we go:


Hobby Boss:

İtaleri again:

Thanks for all the photos to

Modell fan - german model magazine

Last week while I was visiting Munich, I bought a german model magazine, "modell-fan".

It's the official magazin of the German Association of Plastic Model DPMV, with a
monthly average circulation of 12.000 copies, since 1974.

I am buying this magazine since my first visit to Germany 1985.

News about current model kits, books, every possible model tools are to find in every magazine.

Detailed technology of model building, materials, tools and colors are handled.

In addition, there are step-by-step instructions, construction reports with convertions, book reviews and overviews of resellers.

On September 2009 the earlier publishing house "Bremer Carl Ed. Schünemann Verlag" cancelled his supportship, so the end of the magazine was announced.

Shortly thereafter Münchner GeraMond publishing house took over the magazine.

This new publishing house has the necessary know-how for expanding the magazine, because they have another magazines like "BAHN EXTRA, LOK MAGAZIN, STRASSENBAHN MAGAZIN, FLUGZEUG CLASSIC, AUTO CLASSIC" in their portfolio.

Nürnberg International Toy fair some photos..




The photos are from "" webpage!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Calendar from Airfix Model World - Month - February

Today it's 1. February and there is a new page with a wonderful picture.

It's a "Vought Kingfisher", which was the shipboard observation aircraft used by the US Navy between 1938 - 1959.

They were best known for their rescue missions in the Pacific, where they found itselves in combat with Zeros.

They were used also in an anti-submarine patrol and were modified with a wheeled undercarriage.

There are additional 3 small pictures in the second half of the February page.

Cardboard model of a roman watchtower from Schreiber!

Last weekend we stayed for 3 days in Berlin and visited meanwhile 2 museums.

Pergamon and historical museum.

After the visit in Pergamon museum we checked the museum shop as usual and I bought a cardboard model from Schreiber-Bogen company. (Their model-branch belongs now to AUE-Verlag GmbH)

Its scale is 1/87, has 2 sheets and its difficulty class is 1.

The dimensions are L:8,W:8,H:13cm.

It costs 3,90 EUR.

This is my first cardboard model and want to compare it with the 1/72 scale soldiers.

Battles of westeros - round - first phase: "Rally phase"!

The first phase in the first round is called “rally phase”.

This phase is executed simultaneously by both players.

In these phase the players perform 3 actions.

1-Determine advantage:

At the beginning of the game, in the first round, it’s written in the battle plan who has the momentum.
But from the second round on, the amount of COMMAND TOKENS

on each players COMMAND BOARD

will be compared and the one with the most COMMAND TOKENS gets the advantage and acts first in the current round.

If there is a tie’ the player with the momentum token wins the tie.

2-Refresh commanders:

Each player takes all COMMAND TOKENS from his COMMANDERS CARDS

and places onto his COMMAND BOX.

3-Rally units:

Each player makes his units active’ so that they can be ordered during the coming COMMAND PHASE.(This will be explained more detailed!)

Never forget while playing your COMMAND TOKENS, that you could be loosing the initiative for the forthcoming round.

This would be important especially in the last 2 rounds.

Should you play defensive or wait till your opponent makes tactic mistakes?

Difficult question; the answer depends on each scenario, I think!

İnternational Toy fair Nürnberg begins!

I hope to report soon more...