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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new Year!

I would like to wish ALL my blog readers a


I hope, that you and your loved ones will enjoy good health and build many many models and play a lot of games!

Thanks guys!

PS. After a long pause since loosing my dad at the 31.03.2012, I'll begin to be active again!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Airfix Model World magazin with 2012 Calendar!

The current issue of AMW magazin is in 2 varying edition on sale!

One as usual and one with a calendar.

Without a question I bought the one with calendar and was positiv surprised.

I am not so much familiar with the airforce, but the pictures are wonderful and there are 3 small additional pictures on the second half of the month-page.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My father Güner Ardalı...

Yesterday at 07.15 (turkish time) I lost my father, my mother her husband...

He was 80 years old...

In his last hours I was with him, holding his hands, so that he wasn't alone...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Battlelore French editions with english online support are available!

BattleLore Core Sets and expansions are now available.

Click here:

While both the Core Set and the expansions have a French rulebook, all the cards and components are in English

English rules are available online as .pdf downloads on the BattleLore support page.

Good news for Battlelore!

İt lives!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giant Ogres / a new troop type for Battlelore's goblin army?

Those who read the manual of "Horrific Horde"-expansion carefully, noticed, that a new troop type "Giant Ogres" has been written on page 1, while describing the "Ogres".

Will be there another expansion with new additional troop types for the goblin army?

I hope so..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New units, Ogres and goblin halberdiers in the "Horrific horde" expansion of Battlelore!

The new expansion introduces 2 new troop types for the goblin army.

Ogres with red banner:


Goblin Halberdiers with their green banner:

Today I would like to explain the Ogres.

The Ogres are larger than most Hobgoblins, but they are not Creatures.

They fight in units and as an unusual foot unit, not 4 figures form a unit, only 3 are enough.

Their weapon is a spiked club for a melee and they fight with 4 dices, typical for a red banner unit, which means they move one hex and battle.

Against mounted units, their first "on shield"-hit is ignored, although they are bigger then mounted units. This fact makes them IMO different than other foot units.

On the contrary, they are resistance against "on shield"-hits of their enemies.

They have a "bonus" strike with "on shield"- result and they have the ability "FRENZY"

But they may NOT ignore a flag unless supported.

As usual, they take one hit for each retreat hex, which is blocked.

This is another fact, which irritates me, because they are not a creature, but they "are larger and stronger" (from the manual!). than other goblin units.

IMO these facts make them something special, a "special unit" should have some "special" characteristics.

The ones, who read the manual and the unit card, could say, that they have 2 specialities.

-Being "Frenzy"!



Being "Frenzy" means, while attacking enemy unit, each "on shield" dice result of the Ogre unit, is rerolled for additional hits OR flags until the target enemy unit is dead or no more "on shield" dice result are rolled.

You are right, this ability is something special, but such a unit deserves this one, IMO it's nothing extra.

The ability, "RAMPAGE" is actually a consequence of "may not ignoring a flag!"

This new troops, who are larger and stronger than their racial brothers, are forced to retreat in case of a flag-result of an attacking enemy unit when they are not supported by another unit of the goblin army.
But, then they break into a fit of rage and rampage before retreating.

All units, (enemy or friendly) in adjacent hexes, must roll 2 dice.

Each player rolls for hits on his opponents units.

A hit is scored when a banner color is rolled that matches the unit; all other symbols are ignored.
Ogres retreat after all rampage rolls.

When you first read these rules, you don't recognize how they influence the game. I'll say like a double-sided sword.

OK, the Ogres should reteat, but the ability of "Rampage" makes them very dangerous for the attacker.

I can hear you now, saying "Look, another special ability!". But, don't forget; it makes them very dangerous, also for their own army units in the adjacent hexes.

And Each flag could cause a loss of a figure, in case of a blocked retreat path.

Did you said: "OK! Then play offensive with them."

I'll do; but it's not always wise, because they could be surrounded easily and possible too!

As you see, this "special" ability is not 100% benefit for the Ogres unit.

Last word:Ogres are a very good addition to the goblin army, exactly the "through break" or "spear-head" troop type, which the goblins needed!

But, we'll change 2 rules for our house games.
1-Their first "on shield"-hit against "mounted unit" is NOT ignored.

2-They retreat in case of 2 flags-result of the attacker with RAMPAGE.

3-In case of 1 flag result of the attacker they DON'T retreat BUT RAMPAGE.

AND DON'T FORGET, there are standard and pennant banners for Ogres, which means you can hire them also for a human army!

Battlelore: Horrific Horde expansion!

Today I opened one of the expansion sets of Battlelore.

Horrific Horde is the name of the expansion and its called also "goblin army pack"

This expansion set contains

42 figures, including

three types of previously released troops,

12 goblin swordsmen, (blue banner /core set)

6 Hobgoblin cavalry, (green banner/ core set)

6 Hobgoblin Hyena riders, (blue banner/"Goblin marauders" expansion)

and 2 new types of troops,

6 Ogres, (red banner)
12 goblin Halberdiers (green banner).

This pack comes with 14 banners;

to field the Goblinoid troops for the Pennant camp and to field the Ogres by either camps (Pennant or standard).

As usual there are

2 Specialist cards, for both new troop types and

2 unit Summary cards,

1 "medieval tactics for "battle savy troops",

2 weapon summary cards, (incl. the update of "Sling"),

and 15 deployment cards for the "Call to arms" deployment system.
and at least 5 ready-to-play scenarios.

With this expansion, or this reinforcement of 42 additional goblin troops, goblins are no more "sporting actors" in the "Battlelore-world", not only mercenaries, they can build their own goblin army and devastate their enemies for their own purposes.

and don't forget it's only an expansion, but a scary one...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fatih Sultan Mehmed / Altar modelling

Today I want to show the second figure of my first order from Altar modelling.

It belongs to the so-called, "Ottoman Sultans"-series.

After the final production of 3 fiugres in 54 mm. Mr. Abdullah Turhal began with a new line of 25 mm. figures, so-called "wargame figures".

Loyal to his "mission", "producing figures at world standards from turkish history" he had choosen Ottoman sultans as subject of this new line and IMHO he made a right choice.

In Spring 2009, 3 figures were released.

Sultan Bayezid (Thunderbolt),
Sultan Mehmed (the Conqueror),
Sultan Sueleiman (the Magnificent).

I ordered, Sultan Mehmed. The figure is packed in a beatiful box with a photo of a painted figure by Matt Verzani,

and an illustration from Jon Hodgson.

with a lot of information in turkish and english.

In the box there are 3 separated bags for the sultan figure, his horse and a sword with the shield.

The scupltor Uhrin Zsolt, was inspired by ottoman paintings and made a fantastic work.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk / Altar modelling

Yesterday I got my first order from Altar modelling in Ankara.

Mr. Abdullah Turhal sent me my order in 2 days. If you think, that he makes "one-man-show", as a creator, searcher,designer and organizer, you can just imagine the whole work.

The service and packing are super.

The first one, "Ataturk"-figure is a 54 mm. white metal figure, in marshal uniform from 1923 during "Turkish Independence War 1919-1923", produced in 2009.

Each figure is packed in a box, complete with historic notes, in turkish and english and with a color photo.

Historical research and design was made of Abdullah Turhal, sculptor was Uhrin Zsolt,the figure on the photo was painted by Julio Cabos from Andrea Miniatures.

The figure is made of 3 separate parts and packed in 3 different bags.

That's how it looks, without painting:
The quality of the figure is very good, a natural pose with no flash and good detail.

And at last, the similarity of teh face to the person of "Ataturk" is really fantastic.

If you want to read more about "Ataturk", the founder of the "Turkish republic", "Wikipedia" can be a good start:

and you should read more, if you are interested in history...

The website of the company:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Altar modelling / turkish producer of 25 and 54 mm. metal/resin figures!

I was surprised when I found a "Ataturk" metal figure in 54 mm. scale. My surprise was bigger when I realized that the producer was a turkish company, settled in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Since 2006, the owner Abdullah Turhal is producing figures in 2 scales from various periods of turkish history.

He began with 54 mm.-1/32 scale, producing at first, an ottoman deli (crazy/mad) cavalry, the Sultan Tamerlane, a turkish commando and Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.

His second series began with 25 mm. ottoman sultans. Till now 3 of them are released:

Sultan "Thunderbold" Beyazit, (Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid)
Sultan "Conqueror" Mehmed, (Fatih Sultan Mehmed)
Sultan Suleiman the "Magnificent" (Kanuni Sultan Süleyman)

On their website, it's written, that it is "the first and only turkish figure producer at world standards from turkish history". As far as Iknow, this is correct!

The company produced also a woman reclining on a divan, directly taken from an ottoman painting from 17. century.

Ans a fearsome demon taken from another painting. Both of them are made of resin.

Mr. Turhal is cooperating with famous sculptors like Uhrin Zsolt and painters Matt Verzani.

I am really proud of presenting this turkish company.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ju-52 and LI-2 models in different scales from "Art of Tactic"?

During 2011 there will be 2 transport planes for each side for the boardgame "The great Patriotic War" from Zvezda.

The well-known Ju-52, Junkers 52, nicknamed"Tante JU/Auntie JU", as a german transport aircraft, which is illustrated in the 2011 catalog with a drawing:

and Li-2, Lisunov -2, which was a licence-built version of Douglas DC-3, announced in the Zvezda catalog with a photo:
The issue which confuses me is the scale of both planes. It is written as 1:200, while all the other planes has the scale of 1:100.

Maybe both planes are too big in compare to the fighter and ground-attack aircraft, so that this additional scale should be choosen as an exception.

Premium banner Packs for "Battles of Westeros"-boardgame!

Premium Banner Packs for "Battles of Westeros"-boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games are now on sale!

Each pack contents 44 plastic banners with sticker sheets of green, blue and red units for both sides of the game, Stark ans Lannister.

That's a very good idea, because the original banners in the core game has been critised in a lot of forums.

The highest number of banners needed in a single scenario totaly for both sides is 41.

And in the "skirmish" scenarios, the maximum number of units incl. commanders is 15.

That means, one pack of those "premium banners" will be enough for all the scenarios in the core game!

The price on FFG webstore is 9.95 USD.

Friday, February 25, 2011

BattleLore: Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack

Yesterday night I played, rather tested solo a scenario from the expansion pack "Goblin Skirmishers".

If you followed the blog, you noticed that in the last weeks I am learning the rules of "Battles of Westeros".

This was the second expansion for Battlelore, published in 2007 and it contents 20 new figures with 3 different unit types.

Goblin slingers, which reflects the goblin characteristics "hit&run" in the best way.

Goblin drummers, which cancel the disadvantage of "being frightened" in each goblin unit, which they added.

Goblin band leader, which builds a "drummer unit" and maximizes the advantage of being "bold" for all goblin units in his own section.

And at least, IMHO, not the right choice for this expansion, the hobgoblin spear bearers, a heavy fighting unit for melees.

Yesterday I just wanted to make something different and choosen the "the sounds of water" scenario with some modifications.

After the battle some thoughts about the units in this expansion:

The range of slingers is 2 hexes and this is in a board with 13 hexes depth and compared to the archers which have a range of 4 hexes logical.

But it doesn’t reflect their characteristic, which is "hit&run" from a far distance.

The spear bearers are not the right choice for a “skirmishes” pack.

They should be a part of heavy troops, IMHO in the core game. I think, DoW realized this lack and added them. Not the right packet, but a “Welcome addition”!

The Goblin band leader and drummers are a “double-edged” matter.

They are welcome and a very good reinforcement for this “frightened” race, which makes the life/battle very difficult to their enemies.

But on the contrary the main characteristic of the goblin race, “frightened” is canceled with their existence, even in 2 battle sections, if you use them as a unit correctly.

Being “frightened” was a logical balance, compared to the “goblin rush”, (IMHO one battle dice, for the whole “goblin run” ( 2hexes), instead of 1 dice for each hex could be enough!)

OK; without confusing new players or potential gamers, the characteristics of the “goblin race” in the core game are the suited ones. They are bloodthirsty but at the same time frightened.

Those main characteristics should be kept in mind while adding new special units.

During the game last night, I realized that a correct placed drummer unit with a band leader (in a hex between two sections), which is protected by other units during the whole game, can change the course of the battle.

IMHO this is too much power for one unit and change the main characteristics of the goblin race.
There could be a range or time limit for the effect of this unit.

The music could effect only in 1 section or in a range of 4 hexes.

Or only by the complete units.

Just some thoughts..

Anyway it makes fun to play with and against goblins, with these addition!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Medieval Turks on Mehmed II.'s period by "Lucky Toys"!

This time I have choosen another period, another empire.

Medieval Turks/Ottomans, belonging to the "early" Ottoman army.

Made a video with a "Mehter Marsi", military music played by the Ottoman military band.

Italeri's "model set"'s and ISU 152 with russian infantry in winter uniform!

Last week, when I was making my daily walk I saw at the window of a hobby shop "new" sets of Italeri.

I should be causious with the definition "new", because what is "new" in our hobby in Turkey, could be 2 or 3 years old for Europe or USA.

There are some online-hobby shops, but I saw this kind of "model-sets" from Italeri for the first time in a shop.

It contents 48 infantry and 1 ISU 152, 6 acrylic paints, liquid cement adn 2 brushes.

It is called, "Model set needs only your talent".

There are a lot of different sets like,

american infantry with Sherman,

german elite troops with Kingtiger,

Valentine Mk I with british infantry,

Panther with german infantry and

ISU 152 with russian infantry, which I bought.

I have choosen this set, because of the soviet infantry with winter uniform, which I miss in my collection for "Stalingrad" - scenarios of Memoir 44 and the tank destroyer ISU-152 was also absend in my collection. (a little correction: It's not a tank destroyer, it's SPG. Thanks to "Wiking")

The ISU-152 is a fast-kit and to my surprise the set contents not only 1 piece, like it's written on the box, on the contrary, 2 pieces of that tank-destroyer!

IMHO a good set for beginners with a rare tank destroyer and a good infantry set.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" expansions-soviet and german paratroopers!

Another expansion sets for "Art of Tactic" boardgame series of Zvezda are 2 new paratroopers for Soviets and Germans.

In the catalog this time a picture of german paras:

and a photo for soviet paras:

Both in 1/72 scale!

There are 5 paratroopers-sets:

The oldest one from Airfix produced in 1976:

Marketed especially in France from Heller.

One from Esci produced in 1989:
Reproduced from Italeri.

In the same year from Revell:

In 2009 a new one was produced from Caesar:

And last year the newest from Italeri in tropical uniform:

All these set have 40+ figures and 10 - 15 poses. The new Zvezda concept contents not even 10 figures with maximum 4 different poses in each set.

What will be the reaction of collectors and painters to those "specialized" sets?

Wait and see! (and read the forums!)

Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" expansions-soviet and german recon teams!

In the 2011 catalog of Zvezda there are 2 recon team news.

There is a picture of the "Soviet reconnaissance team":

4 figures, with natural poses!

But the german recon team has only a drawing:

At the moment there are no more detailled information about the number of figures, price and so on.

But the fact that the scales of both sets are different, confuses me!

I think, that's a printing error.

As far as I know it, there are no special "recon team"-sets in this scale. This will be a great addition!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo of the material from "tribes of the vale"-expansion

There is a new "box-content"-photo of the next expansion from "Battes of Westeros"-boardgame.

More about this expansion:

Have a closer look to the banners!

There are no more "banner poles", instead of them "plastic banners" with accompanying sticker sheets, like in the "Premium Banner Packs".

I am waiting for detailed photos of the figures.

Additionaly one drawing:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW2 Russian infantry (winter uniform) - set from Italeri!

It's actually a infantry set from 2005, but I got the figures from the "Model-set", "ISU 152 w/ russian infantry".

The set has 48 figures with 16 different poses, made of medium plastic and has tan color.

The troops are wearing two types of uniform. The greatcoat was brought into service before war. The second one is a combination of a jacket with trousers.

More than half of the figures carry a submachine gun, one is firing a light machine gun,

another one is carrying an AT-gun and one using a mortar.

Especially the one on the mortar reminds me of the old Esci figures, but the rest are fine. Three of the kneeling figures are very similar.

The sculpting is very good till excellent. The poses are realistic and good good detailed. There is no flash.

I added a commandant is from Revell's "siberian riflemen"-set, because I can't imagine how such a firm like Italeri can produce a set without a commandant.

The man with a child in his arms is a samll gimmick as a resistance fighter from Caesar's "WW2 Partisan in Europe"-set.

Altogether a very good set!