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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another new tooling from Airfix!

This one is actually not so brand new!

But I read it nowhere or I missed it!

Bedford QLT in typical Airfix scale, 1/76 and another new tooling!

Due to the photos you can build 2 different types, which means buy 2 boxes! But, compared with the following photo, which shows us the content, I can't imagine to build 2 types of it!

And this photo is from ""-forum:

The good news is:

We have another new tooling from Airfix!

Bad news?

Not in those days! It's after Christmas and before New Year!


  1. Airfix is costing me an arm and a leg at the mommentwith all this new tooling stuff.
    My nephew got there ruined workshop for xmas and that looks great as well.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Did you also noticed that there are 2 trucks with different names (QLD and QLT!)on the box!

    But just 1 model in the box!

    Or am I missing something?