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Friday, February 25, 2011

BattleLore: Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack

Yesterday night I played, rather tested solo a scenario from the expansion pack "Goblin Skirmishers".

If you followed the blog, you noticed that in the last weeks I am learning the rules of "Battles of Westeros".

This was the second expansion for Battlelore, published in 2007 and it contents 20 new figures with 3 different unit types.

Goblin slingers, which reflects the goblin characteristics "hit&run" in the best way.

Goblin drummers, which cancel the disadvantage of "being frightened" in each goblin unit, which they added.

Goblin band leader, which builds a "drummer unit" and maximizes the advantage of being "bold" for all goblin units in his own section.

And at least, IMHO, not the right choice for this expansion, the hobgoblin spear bearers, a heavy fighting unit for melees.

Yesterday I just wanted to make something different and choosen the "the sounds of water" scenario with some modifications.

After the battle some thoughts about the units in this expansion:

The range of slingers is 2 hexes and this is in a board with 13 hexes depth and compared to the archers which have a range of 4 hexes logical.

But it doesn’t reflect their characteristic, which is "hit&run" from a far distance.

The spear bearers are not the right choice for a “skirmishes” pack.

They should be a part of heavy troops, IMHO in the core game. I think, DoW realized this lack and added them. Not the right packet, but a “Welcome addition”!

The Goblin band leader and drummers are a “double-edged” matter.

They are welcome and a very good reinforcement for this “frightened” race, which makes the life/battle very difficult to their enemies.

But on the contrary the main characteristic of the goblin race, “frightened” is canceled with their existence, even in 2 battle sections, if you use them as a unit correctly.

Being “frightened” was a logical balance, compared to the “goblin rush”, (IMHO one battle dice, for the whole “goblin run” ( 2hexes), instead of 1 dice for each hex could be enough!)

OK; without confusing new players or potential gamers, the characteristics of the “goblin race” in the core game are the suited ones. They are bloodthirsty but at the same time frightened.

Those main characteristics should be kept in mind while adding new special units.

During the game last night, I realized that a correct placed drummer unit with a band leader (in a hex between two sections), which is protected by other units during the whole game, can change the course of the battle.

IMHO this is too much power for one unit and change the main characteristics of the goblin race.
There could be a range or time limit for the effect of this unit.

The music could effect only in 1 section or in a range of 4 hexes.

Or only by the complete units.

Just some thoughts..

Anyway it makes fun to play with and against goblins, with these addition!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Medieval Turks on Mehmed II.'s period by "Lucky Toys"!

This time I have choosen another period, another empire.

Medieval Turks/Ottomans, belonging to the "early" Ottoman army.

Made a video with a "Mehter Marsi", military music played by the Ottoman military band.

Italeri's "model set"'s and ISU 152 with russian infantry in winter uniform!

Last week, when I was making my daily walk I saw at the window of a hobby shop "new" sets of Italeri.

I should be causious with the definition "new", because what is "new" in our hobby in Turkey, could be 2 or 3 years old for Europe or USA.

There are some online-hobby shops, but I saw this kind of "model-sets" from Italeri for the first time in a shop.

It contents 48 infantry and 1 ISU 152, 6 acrylic paints, liquid cement adn 2 brushes.

It is called, "Model set needs only your talent".

There are a lot of different sets like,

american infantry with Sherman,

german elite troops with Kingtiger,

Valentine Mk I with british infantry,

Panther with german infantry and

ISU 152 with russian infantry, which I bought.

I have choosen this set, because of the soviet infantry with winter uniform, which I miss in my collection for "Stalingrad" - scenarios of Memoir 44 and the tank destroyer ISU-152 was also absend in my collection. (a little correction: It's not a tank destroyer, it's SPG. Thanks to "Wiking")

The ISU-152 is a fast-kit and to my surprise the set contents not only 1 piece, like it's written on the box, on the contrary, 2 pieces of that tank-destroyer!

IMHO a good set for beginners with a rare tank destroyer and a good infantry set.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" expansions-soviet and german paratroopers!

Another expansion sets for "Art of Tactic" boardgame series of Zvezda are 2 new paratroopers for Soviets and Germans.

In the catalog this time a picture of german paras:

and a photo for soviet paras:

Both in 1/72 scale!

There are 5 paratroopers-sets:

The oldest one from Airfix produced in 1976:

Marketed especially in France from Heller.

One from Esci produced in 1989:
Reproduced from Italeri.

In the same year from Revell:

In 2009 a new one was produced from Caesar:

And last year the newest from Italeri in tropical uniform:

All these set have 40+ figures and 10 - 15 poses. The new Zvezda concept contents not even 10 figures with maximum 4 different poses in each set.

What will be the reaction of collectors and painters to those "specialized" sets?

Wait and see! (and read the forums!)

Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" expansions-soviet and german recon teams!

In the 2011 catalog of Zvezda there are 2 recon team news.

There is a picture of the "Soviet reconnaissance team":

4 figures, with natural poses!

But the german recon team has only a drawing:

At the moment there are no more detailled information about the number of figures, price and so on.

But the fact that the scales of both sets are different, confuses me!

I think, that's a printing error.

As far as I know it, there are no special "recon team"-sets in this scale. This will be a great addition!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo of the material from "tribes of the vale"-expansion

There is a new "box-content"-photo of the next expansion from "Battes of Westeros"-boardgame.

More about this expansion:

Have a closer look to the banners!

There are no more "banner poles", instead of them "plastic banners" with accompanying sticker sheets, like in the "Premium Banner Packs".

I am waiting for detailed photos of the figures.

Additionaly one drawing:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW2 Russian infantry (winter uniform) - set from Italeri!

It's actually a infantry set from 2005, but I got the figures from the "Model-set", "ISU 152 w/ russian infantry".

The set has 48 figures with 16 different poses, made of medium plastic and has tan color.

The troops are wearing two types of uniform. The greatcoat was brought into service before war. The second one is a combination of a jacket with trousers.

More than half of the figures carry a submachine gun, one is firing a light machine gun,

another one is carrying an AT-gun and one using a mortar.

Especially the one on the mortar reminds me of the old Esci figures, but the rest are fine. Three of the kneeling figures are very similar.

The sculpting is very good till excellent. The poses are realistic and good good detailed. There is no flash.

I added a commandant is from Revell's "siberian riflemen"-set, because I can't imagine how such a firm like Italeri can produce a set without a commandant.

The man with a child in his arms is a samll gimmick as a resistance fighter from Caesar's "WW2 Partisan in Europe"-set.

Altogether a very good set!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

8.8. cm Flak and soviet cavalry sets from Zvezda!

There will be a soviet cavalry set and a 8.8 mm. Flak set from Zvezda regarding a photo from Zvezda's 2011 catalog.

The sets will be part of the new WW2 boardgame concept "Art of Tactic'.


At the moment no more infos about the price and the number of figures in both sets!

A new expansion for "Battles of Westeros" - game

It's a long time ago, that I reported about this game:

I bought the core game but had no chance to let it send to Sri Lanka, so that I should wait for 6 months. Yes 6 loooong months, spent with reading the first 3 books!

While I am reading the rules and testing the game (review will be added soon!) I realized that a new expansion was announced on Friday, 11.02. (Not the 13th!)

Tribes of the vale!

For those who rode or reading (like me!) the books, one of the terrible actors in this fantastic story!

From the FFG website:

Born in the cruel climate of the mountains of the Moon, the clansmen of the Stone Crows, Black Ears, and Burned Men are of a violent breed. Uncivilized, uncouth and unrefined, these men and women live to kill and they do it well.

This new forces will supply House Lannnister (like in the story) or, if playing with the Skirmish rules, House Stark.

The miniatures has tan colours, different one than the other houses, for easier finding on the battle field.

In the set there will be 3 new commanders and 3 new unit types.

Shagga, Son of Dolf from Stone Crows

Timett, Son of Timett from Burned Men

Chella, Daughter of Cheyk from Black Ears.

As usual, there will a rules- and battle plan bok, new terrain, Clansmen Gambit and Skirmish cards.

and now, we may wait and wait, and wait...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

French Infantry WW1 from Revell!

There are a lot of infantry sets from World War 2, but only a few from World War 1.

The "French infantry WW1" from Revell is one of them.

It was produced in 1991, but was hot for a looong time because the Airfix classic was out of production.

and now Pegasus produced paralel to their "WW2 french infantry", another set of "WW1 french infantry".

The lack of WW2 french infantry set forced me to paint and use the Revell figures for WW2 dioramas or wargames, like Memoir 44.

Here some photos:

All major figures combines with a Somua of Heller and Char B1 from Matchbox:

A commandant with a typical grenade thrower:

The number of poses in this set are nine with a heavy machine gun. They all are realistic with a small amount fo flash.
There are a lot of riflemen with different advancing poses, with a kneeling man, firing a Chauchat, a light machine gun.

The heavy machine gun is a Hotchkiss, with good detail. The MG and figures are sitting into holes well.

But for me its a little weird, that its being fired from the side!
Actually because of their uniform they may be not used in a WW2 diorama, thanks to Pegasus they will be replaced by the correct ones.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pegasus WWII French Infantry Set


While I am waiting for the new “WW2 french infantry set” in 1/72 scale from Pegasus,

I found a video in youtube, named “Unboxing The New Pegasus WWII French Infantry Set in 1/72 Scale Plastic”.

Thanks to “Michigan toy soldier” company and have fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some photos of Dragon kits from Nuernberg Toy fair 2011!

The new Dragon 1/72 scale series were announced in Tokio 2010 (we reported: and in Nuernberg the kits are displayed:

LVT Landing vehicles Tracked is the next one:

and the last one is Jagdtiger with a cran:

The photos are from primeportal-website.

Nuernberg 2011 Toy Fair news from IBG models in Poland!

The IBG models from Poland displayed 4 new kits in Nuernberg.

Universal Carrier I Mk I

Universal Carrier II Mk II

Universal Carrier with Mortar

Universal Carrier with Boys AT rifle!

IBG models is famous for producing different versions of the same kit.

The Bedford and Chevrolet trucks are the first products, which are followed by the Polski Fiat truck.

And now, for 2011 they made another surprise with these announcement, because the only and one kit was the old, classic Airfix-"Bren gun carrier and 6 pdr. AT gun", and as usual in 1/76 scale.
The photos and informations are from "Airfix-", "prime portal-" and "IPMS-deutschland-"websites.

Nuernberg 2011 Toy fair-news with Revell!

For news about Revell-Germany's displayed kits just click here:

For post-WW2 fans, with

-M2A2 "Bradley"
-Challender I

2 re-issues

and 1 new tooling

-Leopard 2A6M.

Nuernberg 2011 Toy fair-news with Airfix!

The next news from the Nuernberg Toy fair 2011 are about Airfix.

In the last week of December I reported actually some new and re-issue kits from Airfix.

The list of displayed kits in Nuernberg are:

Chi Ha Type 97 tank

Josep Stalin JS3 Tank

T34/85 Tank

German Paratroopers

US Paratroopers

5 re-issues


5 new toolings

Cromwell Cruiser

European Brewery

European Church

European Four Storey Shop

European Town House.

All are in 1/76 scale.

Nuernberg 2011 toy fair-news with Italeri!

The first news about Nuernberg 2011 toy fair are in the web.

Italeri displayed those military vehicles in 1/72 scale on his stand:

All "Fast Assembly"-kits:

7514 Sd. Kfz. 161 Panzer IV F1
7515 T-34/85
7516 Sd. Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D
7519 Semovente M-40 w. 75/18
7520 M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

Three of those kits were announced ion 2010 catalog. Good to know, that they will be brought to the market this year. Better later then never!

The Sherman Jumbo will be a conversion of M4A3 Sherman, which was also announced in 2010 catalog but then canceled. (Look:

The surprise for me is the Semovente, from which I built the Esci and Italeri-kits, both. Now there will be 2 more!

Another military vehicle in this scale is AB 40 Ferroviaria, the only none "Fast Assembly".

The picture and info about the vehicle is form "Italeri-website".

The AB 40 armoured car was devised for the Italian Royal Army in the late 1930s, to replace the old Lancia models.
The vehicle was innovative at the time, being a four-wheel drive with separate suspensions and two driving positions.
The armoured car was fitted with two 8mm machine guns in the turret and another in the rear of the hull, but was only built in small numbers for evaluation purposes, as development of the more sophisticated AB 41 was already underway.
A few of the models were turned into tracked patrol vehicles as the wheels could be replaced with rail wheels and relative braking systems.
A few of these vehicles were used in Yugoslavia by the Italian forces and, later, by the Germans.

This vehicle was produced in 1/35 scale, like the Pz. IV F1/F2, so that I guess that Italeri also began to downscale his models like Dragon is doing for a while.

I hope, that Semovente L40 da 47/32 will be the next.

The next news is "on the way"!