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Friday, October 29, 2010

The game begins!

The game is on the market; in Russia and was sold in ESSEN 2010!

The first picture:

and the first scenario pictures:

The price for the russian market is 1.600 rupley, approx. 52.- USD or 38.- EUR!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the first armour vehicles on both sides and Clearness in Scale guestion!

Today we have pictures of the first armour vehicles from both sides:

German armour in the basic game will be represented by Panzer II, actually a light and uneffective tank against soviet counterparts!


and the back side of the box:

A finished model without any paint work:

I expected, honestly a Panzer III, a medium german panzer, as the main unit at the beginning of the OP Barbarossa!

But when I saw the soviet armour counterpart:

T-26 box:

and box back:

A finished model without any paint work:

Both Panzer consists of 5 parts and have their unit cards!

By the way, due to the information on the back side of the box we know that the armoured (and unarmoured ones logically!) have the 1/100 scale!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soviet counterparts!

One the best airplanes (maybe the best!) of the soviet tactical air support during WW2 was the Ilyushin IL-2.

It was a ground attack aircraft (Shturmovik), produced by the Soviet Union in very large numbers.

In combination with its successor, the Ilyushin Il-10, a total of 42,330 were built, making it the single most produced military aircraft design in all of aviation history. (Source: Wikipedia)

It was a prominent aircraft for tank killing with its accuracy in dive bombing and its 37mm guns penetrating their thin back armor.

That means, there must be a IL-2 - model!

Back side of the box:

The box contents 12 parts with info-card of the unit!

No glue is required!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Air support!

During the "Great Patriotic war" or so called, "Eastern Front", the air support were vital.

I realized, that none of articles in the blog contents any information about "air support" - factor in the game.

At the beginning of "Operation Barbarossa" the tactical air support played an important role. The famous (not the best in WW2!) on the german side was Stuka.
Depending on this reality there will be naturally a stuka model in the basic game.

Here some photos:



finished, but unpainted model:

Back side of the box:

Now it's clear,that the scale for the airplanes is 1/144 and the box contents 8 pieces!

No glue is required!

Naturally there will be russian counterparts...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plastic figures/Stark forces - the main component in Battles of Westeros - boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games!

In the core game there are 4 different units for each side.

Stark has his cavalry, called "Winterfell cavalry"
his infantry, called "War Host of the North", a halberdier unit

northmen archers

and a very special unit, "Stark Kennelmaster", which can use an animal attack.

Friday, October 22, 2010

more and more and more photos...

While waiting for more infornation about the upcoming boardgame, here some more photos!

Russian command post:


Bunker, barbed wire, infantry, hedgehogs and Panzer III:

Yes, the game has even bunker parts! Nice gimmick!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Operation Barbarossa - Brettspiel!

In a german forum it's written that Zvezda's boardgame will be sold in the german language during "SPIEL ESSEN" for 39 .- EUR.

Due to an advertisement from the current issue of the Games magazine "Game Box", there will be expansion packs (look like smaller versions of the "normal" Zvezda sets (infantry, tanks, aircraft, etc.) for 2.50 EUR.

The tanks will be 1/100, the planes 1/144 Infantry and the 1/72 scale.

Some additional photos from ACE forum :

some terrain hexes:

one of the maps, not the best photo, but..:

and one from game:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

more and more photos of the boardgame figures!

Some photos of Zvezda's 1/72 figures included boardgame "The great Patriotic War" from ACE Model forum:

russian AT in trench:

2 german and 2 russian tanks (Panzer II, Panzer III, T-26 and T-34)

schwere Feldhaubitze (haevy field howitzer):

Monday, October 18, 2010

Zvezda's 1/72 "My first assembly model” series!

Paralel to their new boardgame "The great Patriotic War", Zvezda brought a new kit belonging to their Snap Fit - series.

We reported:

The second one is a Tiger/ early version additionally to the already available T-34 tank.

There are 63 parts in a kit, 4 sprues and 1 decal.

Ready tank is 11.5 cm length


at least:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

new Photos for scale comparision!

Here are some additional Photos, which could be helpful for scale comparision:

Figures, Panzer II from the boardgame and the newest t-34 in 1/72 scale form Zvezda:

and here: only Panzer II and T-34 (1/72)

The vehicles in the game will be definitely smaller then 1/72 scale.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Which scale?

While reading (after translated through "Google") messages in some russian forums I am a little bit confused about the scale of the figures and vehicles in the forthcoming boardgame of Zvezda.

Some say, it's 1/72, which matchs with the figures on the photos.

But there is a photo on which we can compare vehicle and figure, knowing the figures scale is 1/72, than the vehicle scale should be smaller one.

Maybe 1/100?

and a photo from Egmont russia tells us another story:

It's written: (thanks Google!)

Publishing House Egmont Russia in April, runs a unique collector's edition of the "Great Victory", which includes informative magazine, a board game and a set of figures, soldiers of the Soviet and German armies of the Great Patriotic War, as well as military vehicles in scale 1:144. The collection also shows aircraft, tanks, combat vehicles, weapons. The publication is richly illustrated with colorful patterns, hand-drawn images, photographs, maps, and contains unique information about the major battles.

and now 1/144 scale?

Lets wait and see!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games / Battles of Westeros boardgame / Order tokens - another component!

Players use order tokens or/and Leadership cardsto order their armies.

Order tokens allow a player to give direct orders to a single unit.

There are 5 different variants of order tokens.

Photo of two:

Green-, blue-, red shield, valor(gauntlet) and morale (flag)!

The colored ones could be used to order units with the same color(rank).

The valor token a unit of any rank.

Two tokens of the same type at once to order any unit.

It is important to notice that ordering with an order token is the ONLY way to give an order to an UNCONTROLLED unit.

(A unit which is out of ZOC (Zone of Control) of any commander is uncontrolled!)

The flag token is an exception in compare to the other order tokens.

This could be used for increasing his House's morale by one or

to rally one of his units by decreasing his House's morale by one!

In both cases of flag order token no unit could be ordered.

In each Battle plan (scenario) there is a Order rating icon. A symbol with 2 dices and a number beside it.

The active player rolls a number of dice equal to this number and takes order tokens from the supply which match the results of the dice rolled.

This new order tokens forms the players Order Pool.

After giving an order to a single unit, the choosen order token will be placed into the supply back.

And the unit's banner must be turned to its inactive side. (Opposite color of the current round track to the respective/active player)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liste aller Figuren und Fahrzeuge der neuen 1/72 Produktion von Zvezda!

Zvezda's neue Brettspiel "Great patriotic War 1941" beinhaltet Figuren und Fahrzeuge, die ab April dieses Jahres mit einer neuen "Wargame" - Zeitschrift namens "Große Siege. Militärgeschichte Russlands" mitgeliefert werden.

Die erste Ausgabe wurde am 9. April 2010 verkauft.

Hier ist die Gesamtliste aller Figuren und Fahrzeuge, die mit der Zeitschrift zusammengeliefert worden sind und werden:

(Denk bitte daran, dass dabei "Google"-Übersetzung benutzt wurde!)

№ 1.: sowjetische und deutsche Infanterie, Würfel, Karten
№ 2.: Messband, die deutsche Maschinengewehr (2 Pistole), sowjetische Infanterie, Karten, Würfel-, Kunststoff-Sechseck Höhen.
№ 3.: Deutsche Infanterie, der sowjetischen Maschinenpistole (2 Pistole), Karten-, Würfel-2 Stck.
№ 4.: Deutsche Ingenieure, die sowjetische Mörser (2 Stück), Kunststoff Sechseck Höhen-Karte.
№ 5.: Sowjetische Pioniere, die deutsche Mörser (2 Stück), Kunststoff Sechseck Höhen-Karte.
№ 6.: Deutsche Panzer T-2-sowjetischen 45-mm-Kanone, Karten.
№ 7.: Der sowjetische T-26 Panzer, die deutschen Gewehr, Karten.
№ 8.: Soviet 37mm Flak, Messerschmidt - 109 Karten.
№ 9.: Deutsch 37mm Flak, ein sowjetisches Jagdflugzeug La HS-3-Karte.
№ 10.: Deutsche Panzer T-III, Engineering Barrikaden Karte.
№ 11.: sowjetischen T-34 Panzer, Engineering, Karte.
№ 12.: sowjetische Infanterie, die deutsche Haubitze Le-18-Karte.
№ 13.: Deutsche Infanterie, die sowjetische Haubitze M-30-Karte.
№ 14.: Deutsche Stuka Ju-87, ein sowjetischer ZIS -5 Karten.
№ 15.: Soviet Il-2, einer deutschen Opel Blitz LKW-Karten.
№ 16.: Deutsche Panzer HANOMAG, BIZ Artillerie Katjuscha, Karten.
№ 17.: Sowjetische Panzer BT-5, die deutsche Infanterie-Karte.
№ 18.: Deutsche Panzer T-38 sowjetische Infanterie-Karte.

Interessant finde ich dabei, dass nach dem Erscheinen des Brettspiels immer noch weitere Figuren und Fahrzeuge mit der Zeitschrift geliefert werden. (zur Info: Die 13. und weitere Ausgaben werden in einer Zeitperiode von November - Januar 2011 erscheinen.)

d.h. weitere Erweiterungen warten auf uns und unsere Geldbeutel!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More photos!

Some photos of Zvezda's 1/72 figures from ACE Model forum:

German engineers, actually very rare(longggg time ago REVELL made beautiful figures!) in this scale:

Russian engineers:

How to build MG's:

German mortar:

painted german soldier:

painted russian soldier:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games / "Battles of Westeros" - boardgame / the round track with its marker, victory markers and banners!

The round track with its marker and 2 victory markers for each house are other game components.

While, logically, the round markers defines the current round, the victory markers shows the actual victory points of each house.

All of these markers have "+10" sign on their reverse sides.

More important is the fact that the round track has 10 spaces in 2 different colors, white and black. Round one is white, round two is black, and so on..

With this additional detail the round marker's position defines also the round color!

For better understanding of this detail we should describe another component, "the banners".

Like in BL, one figure of each unit must have a banner, which indicates his House and its combat rank. But in BoW the banners have 2 different colors on their each sides, black and white; like on the round track.

In the first phase of each round the players should rotate their units banners so that the colors of both components match each other.

This is called "ralling units' and makes them all "active".

It's very important, because only active units can be given orders during the game.

The current color of the banners should face the respective players of each side.

Zvezda's neue Brettspiel und Wargame-Magazin "Große Siege. Militärgeschichte Russlands"

Die Bekanntgabe dieses Brettspiels macht klar, dass die neue 1/72 WW2 - Produktionslinie von Zvezda eigentlich für das Wargame-Konzept entwickelt wurde.

Das ganze begann eigentlich mit der Erscheinung einer Zeitschrift am 16.04.10.

Hier eine kurze Bericht vom russischen mit "Google" übersetzt und bißl korrigiert:

"Verlag Egmont Russland" zusammen mit" Stern im April“, veröffentlicht ein einzigartiges "Collector's Edition" - des" Großen Sieges ",eine Zeitschrift, mit einem Brettspiel und eine Reihe von Figuren, Soldaten der sowjetischen und deutschen Armeen des Zweiten Weltkriegs beinhaltet.
Die Sammlung besteht aus Flugzeuge, Panzer, Kampffahrzeuge, Waffen.

Die Zeitschrift ist reich illustriert mit farbigen Mustern, Hand-Bilder, Fotografien, Landkarten gezeichnet, und enthält detaillierte Informationen über die großen Schlachten.
Magazin richtet sich an Studierende in unteren und mittleren Schulklassen, sowie Sammler.
Am Ende wird der Leser die Besitzer einer Armee. Das Spiel kann ab dem ersten Release gestartet werden - zunächst wird es ein leichtes Spiel sein, aber mit jeder weiteren Zahl von Soldaten, das Spielfeld, zusätzliche Regeln und Ausrüstung wird es wachsen.

Bis Ende 2010, wird es 18 Ausgaben der Zeitschrift geben.

Die Zeitschrift wird ab 16. April 2010, alle 2 Wochen veröffentlicht.

Zusammen mit der ersten Ausgabe wird geliefert:
• Eine Reihe von sowjetischen Infanteristen;
• Eine Reihe von deutschen Infanteristen;
• Das Spielfeld ist A3;
• Die Karten sind laminiert - 2 Stck.
• Würfel "1,6" - 1 St.

Die zweite Ausgabe erscheint am 30 April 2010.

Zusammen mit der zweiten Ausgabe, wird jeder Leser, wegen des "Grossen Sieges" (Ende des 2. Weltkrieges!) auch ein Geschenk erhalten!

In der zweiten Ausgabe:
• Eine Reihe von sowjetischen Infanteristen;
• Eine Reihe von deutschen MG-Schützen Maschinengewehr;
• Schneiden Verhexungen???
• Die Karten sind laminiert - 2 Stck.
• Aus Kunststoff hergestellte sechseckige Hügel- 2 Stck.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Great Sieges"- wargame magazine figures and vehicles list!

Zvezda's new board game "Great Patriotic War 1941" includes figures and vehicles which were delivered with a new "Wargame" magazine called "Great Sieges:Military history of Russia."

The first issue was sold on 9 April 2010.

Here is the complete list of all the figures and vehicles:

(Please remember that "Google" translation-function was used!)

№ 1: Soviet and German infantry, dice, cards
№ 2: measuring tape, the German machine-gun (2 gun), Soviet infantry, cards, dice, plastic hexagon heights.
№ 3: German Infantry, the Soviet machine gun (2 gun), cards, dice 2 pcs.
№ 4: German engineers, the Soviet mortar (2 pieces), plastic hexagon height map.
№ 5: Soviet pioneers, the German mortar (2 pieces), plastic hexagon height map.
№ 6: German tank T-2 Soviet 45-mm gun, maps.
№ 7: The Soviet T-26 tanks, the German guns, maps.
№ 8: Soviet 37mm anti-aircraft guns, knives Schmidt - 109 cards.
№ 9: German 37mm anti-aircraft guns, a Soviet fighter La HS-3 card.
№ 10 ': German tank T-III, Engineering barricades card.
№ 11: Soviet T-34 tanks, engineering, map.
№ 12: Soviet infantry, the German howitzer Le-18 card.
№:13: German Infantry, the Soviet howitzer M-30 card.
№ 14: German Ju-87 Stuka, a Soviet CIS -5 cards.
№ 15: Soviet Il-2, a German Opel Blitz truck cards.
№ 16: German Panzer HANOMAG, BIS Katyusha artillery, maps.
№ 17: Soviet Tank BT-5, the German infantry card.
№ 18: German tank T-38 Soviet infantry map.

Notice, after releasing of the board game still further figures and vehicles will be delivered with the magazine. (The 13th and the following editions will be published in a time period from November 2010 till January 2011.)

That means there will be further extpansions!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wargame Magazine "The great victories"

The announcement of the board game "The great Patriotic War 1941" makes it clear that the new 1/72 WW2-production line from Zvezda was actually a new Wargame concept.

The whole story began actually with the appearance of a wargame-magazine at 16.04.10.

Here is a brief report from the Russian by "Google" translated and somewhat corrected.

"Publisher Egmont Russia" together with "Star in April” published the" Great Victories" - magazine, with a board game and a series of figures, soldiers of the Soviet and German armies containing the Second World War.
The collection consists of aircraft, tanks, combat vehicles, weapons.

The magazine has drawn richly illustrated with colorful patterns, hand paintings, photographs, maps, and contains detailed information about the major battles.

Magazine aimed at students in lower and middle classes, as well as collectors.
An the end, the reader is the owner of an army.

The game can be started from the first release - first it will be an easy game, but with each additional number of soldiers, the playing field, additional rules and equipment it will grow.

By the end of 2010, there will be 18 issues of the journal.

The journal is published from 16 April 2010, published every 2 weeks.

Together with the first edition comes:
• A number of Soviet infantry;
• A number of German infantrymen;
• The playing field is A3
• The cards are laminated - 2 pcs.
• dice "1.6" - 1 pc

The second edition will be published on 30 April 2010.

Together with the second edition, each reader, because of the "Great Victory" (the end of World War 2!) also receives a gift!

In the second edition:
• A number of Soviet infantry;
• A number of German machine-gunner machine gun;
• Cut Hex?
• The cards are laminated - 2 pcs.
• Made of plastic produced hexagonal hill 2 pcs.

Number of pages: 16 pages
Format: 210 x 285 mm
Frequency: 2 times a month
Suggested retail price - 160 rubles.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The great Patriotic War - figures and vehicles!


Zvezda started a new line of the WW2 1/72 miniatures for their new wargame.

Here are some photos of the AT-gun, AA-gun and howitzer:

Soviet 37mm anti-aircraft gun.

Soviet 45mm anti-tank gun. The crew is good and urgently needed!

German Flak38 anti-aircraft gun.

German 105mm howitzer. The construction of the gun is simple, but the crew is good in my opinion!

Don't forget to notice that those on the photos are molded in hard polyethylen, which obscures some details.

I think, that Zvezda will produce in hard plastic in the final production.

By the way, we all know their quality, don't we!