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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waterloo 1815!

Again "Waterloo", Napoleon and his last 100 days, Wellington and Blücher?

No, no!

Today I want to introduce you "Waterloo 1815", an Italian manufacturer of plastic soldiers.

The firm was born in 1999 of course in Italy and the owner is Andrea Pierini, with a passion for plastic models.

The first produced figures were some Atlantic reissues, like greek cavalry, but since 2002 they began their own products.

In my opinion, the weak presence of the Italian army in WW2, was filled by “Waterloo 1815”.

Especially during the ranks of WW2 model makers, figure painters and collectors, inkl. Wargamers “Waterloo 1815” earned a reliable name!

The Folgore division - infantry and the light artillery, also Italian infantry at El Alamein were majority figures of the all North African theatre during WW2, building the majority of the Axis forces.

Therefore, it was always a question, why none of the producers produced those figures?

Thanks to Waterloo 1815 we have them and in a very good quality!

My first set from this company is a

Italian Infantry (at El Alamein) with a picture of the box:

The figures were produced in 2002.

In the box there are 36 figures in 6 different poses!

The material is medium plastic.

All the figures are dressed in standard Italian tropical uniform, many of them wear shorts.

One man wears the standard Italian steel helmet, while another wears the very common tropical helmet.

The remaining two privates have a fez worn on the back of the head, which identifies them as being either Bersaglieri.

The sculpting and detail are excellent.

There is no flash and the figures are well proportioned.

It’s a set of excellent quality, but only six poses are not enough for any infantry set, without any advancing figure.

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