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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New units, Ogres and goblin halberdiers in the "Horrific horde" expansion of Battlelore!

The new expansion introduces 2 new troop types for the goblin army.

Ogres with red banner:


Goblin Halberdiers with their green banner:

Today I would like to explain the Ogres.

The Ogres are larger than most Hobgoblins, but they are not Creatures.

They fight in units and as an unusual foot unit, not 4 figures form a unit, only 3 are enough.

Their weapon is a spiked club for a melee and they fight with 4 dices, typical for a red banner unit, which means they move one hex and battle.

Against mounted units, their first "on shield"-hit is ignored, although they are bigger then mounted units. This fact makes them IMO different than other foot units.

On the contrary, they are resistance against "on shield"-hits of their enemies.

They have a "bonus" strike with "on shield"- result and they have the ability "FRENZY"

But they may NOT ignore a flag unless supported.

As usual, they take one hit for each retreat hex, which is blocked.

This is another fact, which irritates me, because they are not a creature, but they "are larger and stronger" (from the manual!). than other goblin units.

IMO these facts make them something special, a "special unit" should have some "special" characteristics.

The ones, who read the manual and the unit card, could say, that they have 2 specialities.

-Being "Frenzy"!



Being "Frenzy" means, while attacking enemy unit, each "on shield" dice result of the Ogre unit, is rerolled for additional hits OR flags until the target enemy unit is dead or no more "on shield" dice result are rolled.

You are right, this ability is something special, but such a unit deserves this one, IMO it's nothing extra.

The ability, "RAMPAGE" is actually a consequence of "may not ignoring a flag!"

This new troops, who are larger and stronger than their racial brothers, are forced to retreat in case of a flag-result of an attacking enemy unit when they are not supported by another unit of the goblin army.
But, then they break into a fit of rage and rampage before retreating.

All units, (enemy or friendly) in adjacent hexes, must roll 2 dice.

Each player rolls for hits on his opponents units.

A hit is scored when a banner color is rolled that matches the unit; all other symbols are ignored.
Ogres retreat after all rampage rolls.

When you first read these rules, you don't recognize how they influence the game. I'll say like a double-sided sword.

OK, the Ogres should reteat, but the ability of "Rampage" makes them very dangerous for the attacker.

I can hear you now, saying "Look, another special ability!". But, don't forget; it makes them very dangerous, also for their own army units in the adjacent hexes.

And Each flag could cause a loss of a figure, in case of a blocked retreat path.

Did you said: "OK! Then play offensive with them."

I'll do; but it's not always wise, because they could be surrounded easily and possible too!

As you see, this "special" ability is not 100% benefit for the Ogres unit.

Last word:Ogres are a very good addition to the goblin army, exactly the "through break" or "spear-head" troop type, which the goblins needed!

But, we'll change 2 rules for our house games.
1-Their first "on shield"-hit against "mounted unit" is NOT ignored.

2-They retreat in case of 2 flags-result of the attacker with RAMPAGE.

3-In case of 1 flag result of the attacker they DON'T retreat BUT RAMPAGE.

AND DON'T FORGET, there are standard and pennant banners for Ogres, which means you can hire them also for a human army!

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