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Friday, July 31, 2009

Starter Truck Toyota GB from Hasegawa!

The usual interest is in our hobby is more in the "Armored and Gunned" subjects.

But I think and hope, that there are times, where all modelmakers want to build something else.

For a moment like this, I advise you this little airfield truck from Hasegawa!
Although the kit does show its age, the parts appeared to be decently molded in light grey plastic with a minimal of flash.

The kit includes three poorly proportioned figures and a bomb cart in addition to the truck.

The bomb cart is a good addition, but the figures were and are always a weak point in Hasegawa’s production chain.

All together the kit has 50 parts and could be build with no major issues.

Some major parts, like the protective guard of the radiator, look oversized.

The bomb cart is to build easily with no major issues.

The only decals in the kit are the license plates, another weak point!

All required quite a bit of cleanup and ist’s done!

If you want to build a different model, sitting in your case with all the armored stuff, then buy it!

For photos: (text is in turkish!)

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