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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Battles of Westeros" order tokens - receiving through "order rating" and discarding!

The "order tokens" are one of the important aspects of the game.

We use them to give a single order to an uncontrolled active unit.

Beside each battle plan in "Westeros Battle Plans" book, there is an order rating icon (the "two dices" - picture).

The active player rolls a number of dices equal to that number and takes order tokens from the "order supply" matching the dice results.

That makes with the order tokens from the previous round his "order pool".

For further information:

15.02.2011 order-tokens-another-component-in BoW!

During the last phase (Regroup phase) of each round there are 6 sub-sections.

One of them, the fourth section, is called "Discard excess resources".

The active player may choose one of his order tokens and discard the rest into the "order pool".

This means, that each player may have maximum one order token in his play area to carry over to the next round.

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