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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The first Italeri "Fast Assembly"-kit!

The "fast assembly"-kits from Italeri was for a long time in my radar, but the models produced till now wasn"t on my wish list, till I noticed this one:

Autocannone RO3 with 90/53 AA Gun in a 1/72 scale!

As usual the information from Wiki:

The Cannone da 90/53 was an Italian designed cannon, and one of the most successful anti-aircraft guns to see service during World War II. It was used both in an anti-aircraft role and as an anti-tank gun.

The designation "90/53" meant that the gun had a 90 mm caliber and a barrel 53 caliber-lengths long.

Fifty or so 57 were ordered to be mounted on heavy Lancia trucks and designated Autocannoni da 90/53.

The box includes 8 figures:

There are 2 sprues the above for the truck and the below for the AA gun:

At last I got one and build it!

and from the opposite side:

The rest of figures and the whole model will be painted and altered!


  1. Looks ok. How long did it take to build and did you need to glue it?

  2. Hi Paul,

    The day before I painted the tires and I build it in less than 1 hour!? (I think!)

    Theoratically you don't need to glue it, but practically it's better to glue some small parts, like driving mirror.

    More important IMHO it's definitely not a wargame model. It's sculpted beatifully, but some parts are VERY sensitive for a wargame!