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Monday, November 8, 2010

Morale in "Battles of Westeros"- Fantasy Flight Games - boardgame!

Like field-marshal Montgomery said:

"High morale is a quality, without which no war can be won!"

Morale is an essential element, which should be calculated in each wargame.

I missed this object in Battlelore.

On the contrary Fantasy Flight Games made it an important component of Battles of Westeros, which is inspired by Battlelore.

In Battles of Westeros there are morale segments, morale hub and morale marker.

Each house has its own morale segments. Those segments will be attached to the both sides of the morale hub, so that the morale track is formed.

The sides of the morale segments are different and in each battle plan it's described which side must be used.

Both morale markers are placed at the beginning of the game on the center space of the morale hub.

On each morale segment there are 10 circles, with the numbers 2 to 11 on one side and 2 to "a rout place" on the reverse, which means, that the only difference between both sides of a morale segment is the last circle.

The circles on the morale segment have different colors. 2 and 3 have grey, 4 to 7 yellow, 11 red color.

When creating the battlefield, following the battle plan, the morale track will be placed next to the battlefield in such a position so each player's morale segment must be on his side of the battlefield.

Number "10" is the morale track!

(The photos are from the "rules of play"-book of the boardgame.)

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