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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WW 2 Japanese Infantry from Waterloo 1815

After reviewing Italian army troops in North African theatre during WW2, today I am focusing on the Japanese soldiers in the Pacific theatre.

4 years later, after the last "Folgore Division Infantry"- set, a new WW2 soldiers box set was produced by Waterloo 1815.

Box picture:
This time they have choosen another theatre of WW2 and I think they cooperated with an another figure manufacturer, from that region.

There is no official announcement , but I guess "Caesar miniatures", when I compare the last "Waterloo 1815" – set, with some figures of "Caesar Miniatures", which I bought and painted.

The idea came to me, when I felt the material of the figures. It is announced as "medium plastic", but the material is more soft than medium plastic.

Of course, this is only my rough guess!

In the box there are 48 figures with 12 different poses.

The figures are nicely proportioned with natural poses and in true scale. (What else do we need!?)

The soft/medium material causes the weapons to bend even in the box and naturally unboxed.

All but two of the poses wear a tunic with open collar, and all wear short boots and puttees, in the normal Japanese style.

One third of the poses wear the cap, the rest helmets.

In the box, a lot of soldiers carriers rifles, one a light machine gun, to which he has added a bayonet but in my opinion it isn't a close-combat weapon.

The machine gun mounted on a tripod is too large.

There is a grenade launcher.

There are very good figures like one with a flamethrower, one with a radio, and then the officer, carrying a pistol and a sword.
The detail is clear, there are some extra plastic in hidden areas and no flash.

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