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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Armourfast Panzer III Ausf. G

After a very long break a fast-kit from Armourfast!

At the beginning of WW2 the German army expected that the Panzerkampfwagen (Panzer) III as a medium tank, developed in the 1930s and armed with its 37mm gun, would serve as the major armoured vehicle against enemy armour in combat.

After the first failings against Char B1 in France and Mathilda North Africa which were repeated against the Russian T-34 and KV-1the German designers were convinced  to uparmour and uparm the Panzer III.

Two of the series of modified Panzer IIIs were the Ausf.G and the Ausf.H.

The Ausf.G, built in the period 1940-41, was the first variant with the 5cm KwK 38 L/42 gun as its standard weapon.

600 were built and they served on both the Eastern Front and in the deserts of North Africa.

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  1. Great kits and perfect for wargames. I've built several of these kits over the years and have never been disappointed.