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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fast-kit from Armourfast Panzer III G Part 2!

This kit is a second German release from Hat in 2005.

(The first one was "Jagdpanther". I never understood why they have choosen this one as a start model of the german tank producting) 

Designed as wargame kit it is cheap, easy to build and fairly accurate.

İf you want to build a "Panzer Korp"-unit it could be done quickly and easily without too much expense.

Like each "fast-kit" in compare to other "usual"-kit it lacks in some details but it is dimensionally and proportionally correct.

I didn't expect from such a fast-kit too much details but an MG, which could be vital in a war!

Just the construction photo could be more informative.

I missed the side doors and exhaust-parts on the picture, which shouldn't be a BİG problem for an experienced model-maker, but this kits are produced for beginners ALSO or could be a fantastic eye-catcher for potential customers.

Don't miss it by future designs....

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