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Monday, March 1, 2010

Battles of Westeros!

Hello everybody!

Fantasy Flight Games has annouced a new “A Song of Ice and Fire" boardgame at the grand opening of their new event center in Roseville, Minneapolis.

The game, has the title Battles of Westeros, based on the George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

The story of A Song of Ice and Fire takes place in a fictional continent called Westeros. Most of the characters are human but as the series progresses other races are introduced, such as the cold Others from the far North and fire-breathing dragons from the East.

There are three principal storylines in the series:
the chronicle of a dynastic civil war for control of Westeros between seven families;

the rising threat of the Others who live beyond an immense wall of ice that forms Westeros' northern border;

and the journey of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled daughter of a king who was murdered in an another civil war fifteen years before. She is trying to return to Westeros and claim her rightful throne.

As the series progresses, all three storylines become connected with each other.

Upcoming more about the content of the books….

In the boardgame "Battles of Westeros", as the name suggests, two players recreate the military conflicts, by taking part in battles directly from the books.

(Photo from the FFG website!)

Players control either House Stark, with their seat in Winterfell, who have called their allies to defend their honor and lands, or House Lannister, an aggressive force living in Westerlands.

The battles in the game are at the outset defined, that means starting positions of each House’s units and victory conditions are prescribed.

A battle is played over several rounds.

The path to the victory varies from earning a certain number of victory points, to taking and holding strategic positions on the battlefield.

The game is designed by Robert Kouba for 2 players with an age limit of 12 and a battle takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Battles of Westeros includes:
1 Westeros Battle Guide
1 rulebook
138 plastic figures with bases
1 six-panel, double-sided map board
8 dice
110 cards
32 map overlay pieces
hundreds of tokens

and at last but not at least a photo of the author:

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  1. I had discovered your blog on David's one:

    Just a question: I'm a fan of Games of Thrones -Song of Ice and Fire-books (the Tv film -Season 1- is also fantastic!)
    and I would like to know if you have this box, and if yes, what's the scale? Can you show the figures? I'm very interested...
    Many thanks!

  2. ... forgot to subscribe at e-mail replies ...

  3. Hello Sam,

    welcome to my blog and thank you for your interest.

    I am also a big fan of the books, TV series and the game!

    I'll take photos in compare with 1/72 scale figures and also from the box; but give me pls. some time; because I am graduating MA in history and in those days I am preparing my final papers.

    Best regards


  4. Hello!
    thanks for your kind reply!
    I can wait some ... weeks? !!!!
    Good luck for your graduate MA (correct english???)