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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poltava 1709, a new “Age of battles” - game from Zvezda!

The first combine set of 2011 is released by Zvezda in their "Age of Battles"-series:

Military-historical game "Poltava" devoted to the events of the Great Northern War 1700-1721 period. In this war the Russian army, reformed by Peter I on the European model, fought with the Swedish army, considered at that time one of the best.

I can imagine, that most of the 1/72 scale fans knows this system, but even so, just a short summary:

Age Of Battles is a table-top gaming system using 1/72 scale miniatures. Movement and combat are performed through measurement and dice rolling. There are several Age of Battles games, which cover several time periods and countries, all based on historical events (Antiquity, Middle age, Shogun, Napoleonic).

The rules are divided into 3 skill levels, allowing players a concrete battle situation with different level of realism.

Each level has its own description of command, with specially developed rules for different units allowing the player to choose unique tactics.

This time we can play on the table the Battle of Poltava and other battles of this war.

The game contents:

54 infantry figures

13 Cavalry figures

2 guns

67 trays

6 character sheets

6 formation trays

2 linears

1 compass

4 x "1-20" - dices

a rules-book

a scenarios-book

2 pencil

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