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Monday, March 15, 2010

Battles of Westeros and the first look into the game..


On the website of the FFG there is a first preview of the "Battles of Westeros"!

The designer of the game Robert A. Kouba presents a a look at some basic elements of the combat system.

And we get the first pictures of the dice and some figures!

At first, there is a eight-sided dice instead of a typical six-sided.

(Note:All the pictures are copied from the Fantasy Flight Games website!)

The eight-sided dice gives to the designer more potential for bringing the differences between individual units, like infantry and cavalry with unique abilities, out.

The combat capabilities of each unit and their total combination on the battlefield makes the difference.

The rules in the game should define the ranks of units depending on their equipment and experience.

The colours of the units are representing the level of the military training. The greens could be poorly trained irregulars, blues regulars and reds elite/heavy troops. (my guess!)

Some of them are more vulnerable during a fight like the green units.

This could be reflected in the game/during a fight by chancing the chance of hits against certain ranks (units) on the die itself.

So came the decision to upgrade to the eight-side dice; with 3 green rank hits, 2 blue rank hits, 1 red rank hits and 1 valor side which is typically a hit against any rank of unit. That's make seven!

And the last side is for the morale; which plays an important role in the game! (Bloggers note: The battles in the ancient and medieval times are lost, because the enemy loses his morale and flees; not because the winner kills them all! More about these theme in the next issue!)

In this case, for example the green units could be hit 50% of the time and the red units %25!

And what about mounted units, at first, the cavalry! (Bloggers note: I think and hope, there will another units mounted on different animals/races!)

Compared to the foot units have the Cavalry two advantages:

Speed and additional combat force!

Their speed gives them the capacity of maneuver and being mounted additional strength!

Mr. Kouba decided, that the slowest cavalry on the battlefield is faster than quickest infantry.

While infantry only moves 1 or 2 hexes, cavalry may move 3 or 4 hexes both depending on their rank.

According their additional combat force, the cavalry could never be hit by valour hits rolled by infantry.

This rule is the only one, which I'll disagree and ask a guestion!

Will be there no foot units with halberd? (and how will be the one infantry figure on the above picture described?)

I can't imagine, because it's a game based on a fantasy/medieval background!

Wait and see!

Thank you FFG and Mr. Kouba for this first look!

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