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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World of Westeros and the game...

The story of A Song of Ice and Fire takes place mainly on the continent of Westeros.

George R.R. Martin created the world “westeros” based on the facts of medieval Europe.

Geographical it is equivalent to South America.

The continent of Westeros with castles and towns marked. (from Wikipedia)

However, there is a large amount of land to the far north that remains unmapped, due to the extremely cold temperatures and hostile inhabitants known as wildlings.

The northern lands of Westeros are less populated than the south.

The five major cities of Westeros are, in order of size: King’s Landing,Oldtown, Lannisport, Gulltown, and White Harbour.

There are two other continents in the world in which Westeros exists.

The vast continent of Essos lies to the east, across the narrow sea.

The closest foreign nations to Westeros are the Free Cities, a collection of independent city-states along the western edge of this eastern continent.

The lands along the southern coastline of the eastern continent, collectively called the Lands of the Summer Sea, include Ghis and the ruins of Valyria, the former home of Westeros's Targaryen kings.

To the south of Westeros lies the continent of Sothoryos. Little is known about the continent save that it is inhabited by dark-skinned people and is "plague-ridden and largely unexplored".

Back to the game:
When FFG announced this new game, the eye-cather on the board was “a Battlelore game”!

As expected, this notice got a conversation started.

Is it a Battlelore game or not?

Or how far are the game mechanics of Battlelore installed in this new game?

There is also a displeased group of BL players, who wanted new expansions of Battlelore not “a new Battlelore game”

Today I want to give more details about this new game!

I got all this information from a betatest player (username:Jormi_Boced) at the opening of the FFG Event Center:

The board will not have anything on the edges so many of them can be placed adjacent to each other for larger games.(Bloggers Note: That means; “epic battles” will be one of the expansions.)

The board will run all the way to the edges in order to put maps side by side lenghtwise or widthwise. Also, some of the scenarios will be played lengthwise on one board.

There is no left, right or center zones.

Every player has his own basic card desk. Depending on the leaders they choose for their army they get more cards.

These leaders have reference cards and are an actual figure on the board within one of your units with some special abilities.

One is a multi-use ability and the other one can be used once per game.

There will also be different versions of the leaders to represent them at different times with different cards.

The story goes on!

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