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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Battles of Westeros" - boardgame's battle-map and terrain hexes!

After we are informed about the basics of combat, today we'll have a look on the game-board and some of the terrain hexes.

Like in Battlelore (think on Epic expansion!), there will be two different set-ups.

The first one has the battlefield lengthwise between the two opponents. This provides for more depth in your ranks but not so much maneuverability on the flanks.

The second is a standard horizontal set-up placed between the two players.

To this second set-up, you can place additional boards to the basic one and so expand the battlefield and fight with larger armies. (BN: somehow an epic design!)

Regarding the game-board there are no fundamental differences to the Battlelore board! Different board designs gives FFG (and us with our house rules!) to build scenarios with different victory conditions!

After the players decided which scenario to play, terrain overlays should be placed!

Like in all strategic games, terrain is one of the key elements.

There are eight types of terrain hexes and eight types of terrain tokens that modify the hexes they are in.

Plains, which armies can quickly cross!

Roads: good constructed paths that allow better movement than plains hexes.

Rivers: impassable boundaries for each unit on the battlefield!

Fords: A shallow break in the river that allows units to cross, with a slower rate.

Hills: A slight elevation in the land that allows ranged units to fire over other units. (over!! FINALLY!)

Forests: Large areas of trees that make movement difficult and limit the effectiveness of some units.

(BN: We are waiting since "Battle Cry", impassable terrain hexes! Such as those with big rocks or higher hills or very thick forest, which could make the game more interesting!)

And Larger map tiles with combined hexes as river, hills or forest!)

Who knows, maybe one day!

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  1. always the same question: what's about the figures? scale? aspect ? poses? I'll really happy if you could post some pictures of them!
    ((or send me a range of figures: I'll take the pictures and maybe paint them..... )