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Monday, April 12, 2010

ZOC / Zone of control!

Hello Boardgamer!

Yesterday I reported about the game-board and terrain hexes due to the last interview with Mr. Kouba and today I want to inform you about the ZOC!

I think, that every boardgamer knows the meaning of ZOC; but there is a short description from Wikipedia:

"In board wargames, zones of control (ZOC) represent the tiles adjacent to tiles occupied by objects. For example, in hexagonal tiled maps, the six hexagons adjacent to the hexagon occupied by a unit would be considered to be in its "zone of control.""

That's a basic description, which doesn't match (regarding the controlled hex numbers) with the one in our game, Battles of Westeros!

Now, designer Rob Kouba explains us how commanders play part in controlling units.

During a game, it is possible to order any units on the battlefield, as long as that unit is “controlled.”

(BN: Here is the key word: "Reserves!" That makes this game, really a new one, with new ideas! Maybe, we can even go the battlefield with some selected units and can build anywhere an ambush with the rest!)

Controlled units are units that begin in a hex within a commander’s zone-of-control (ZOC).

A commander’s ZOC in the core set (no matter which House) is two hexes.

This means that any unit within two hexes of a friendly commander is controlled.

Why is this important? Because typically only controlled units can by ordered using Leadership cards.

Additionally controlled units have a stronger immunity to the effects caused by the enemy.

Also, many helpful effects can only be triggered or used by controlled units.

We’ll cover these effects, as well as Leadership cards, in future previews... so keep checking back!

Said Mr. Kouba!

So do I!

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