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Friday, April 2, 2010

"Battles of Westeros" boardgame and new battle tactics - the flanking maneuver!


After a long time, which we needed for our removal to Sri Lanka, here we go again!

During the creation of BOW, Mr. Kouba primarily wanted to focus on the different capabilities between individual units.

Of course, in a battle game, combat capabilities are the first things to be compared.

After going through the books and picking apart especially Lannister and Stark differences, he founded the basic differences of units (indicating quality of equipment and battle prowess) out.

Armour, weapons, training, experience, morale, mounted or foot; those are all basic phenomenons, which could be affect the battle.

One of the key elements during an ancient/medieval battle is the flanking maneuver.

A so called “engagement system” is added for this key element to the game.

Before attacking a target unit (with a melee attack), a player first checks to see if the target is “engaged” with another unit.

To present an engagement on the board it will be used the so called “engagement tokens”!

If there is no engagement token present, the attacking player places an engagement token between his unit and the target and resolves the attack normally.

But, it is also possible to attack an engaged unit.

In this case, no further engagement token is placed since the attacking unit is considered as a flanking unit.

The flanking unit, after rolling dice during an attack may choose a particular die result and reroll all dice showing that particular result once.

In this manner an attacking player can engage with a weak unit and sweep in with a devastating flank attack from a stronger unit.

For a flanking maneuver are the cavalry units ideal candidates.

As described in our previous message, the combination of quick movement and hit reduction against infantry units makes especially the red cavalry very strong.

But we may never forget that even the strongest units could be encircled by a mob of inferior soldiers and destroyed.

That means, watch your flanks even when you are trying to flank your opponent!

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