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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Desert well & tents!

This year, Italeri produced a little late for Christmas gifts, but just in time (for customers in Europe!) for New Year presents!

Today, I have another production, which was announced in the catalog 2010 and arrived at the end of the year.

Desert well and tents in 1/72 scale with new moulds:

The set contains 33 parts; 2 tents, 1 well and a fireplace could be build!

This set is a good addition to the African house from Italeri in 1/72 scale:

After all the vehicles which were used on the North African theatre during WW2 and the latest German paratroopers with tropical uniform, those diorama accessories allows us to build a nice desert diorama!

You can order it here:


  1. The well and fire place look really good, the tents too actually. They could all be used for a wide range of periods.
    Thanks for this...I would have missed them completely.

  2. I was waiting for them for a long time.

    Now I can buy them together with the African House.

    But I think they will be a little expensive.

  3. They look like they will go together quick nicely.Saw these just before Christmas, If i have any money left after I have bought there anti tank set I will get this one too.

  4. Those accessoires sets are really expensive, if you think what you get!

    But new molds and just the idea to build them motivates me!

    I can't control myself!