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Monday, December 27, 2010


I know, Christmas is over and for a "New Year"-gift, it's a little bit late, if you don't live in UK!

But, there is also a 'Life after Christmas and New Year!" and a real collector and modelmaker never gives up!

Also for those who are waiting for SALES after Christmas and New Year, this could be a good opportunity!

If you'll buy 5 boxed sets from Valiant Miniatures 1/72 scale WW2 figures, you'll get a metal gun FREE and pay nothing for the postage!

I think, there is no need to make Valiant Miniatures known.

They produce high quality WW2 figures in hard plastic. Each set consists 64-68 figures with alternative heads and arms and additional weapons.

To date they produced only 4 sets:

British Tommies 44/45
Classic German Infantry 44/45

American GI's 42/44

Germans in Normandy 44.

(The photos are from "plasticsoldierreview" website!)

Especially the alternative heads and arms, additional weapons and the fact that the figures are produced in hard plastic material make it ideal for conversions. The quality and detail is high.

They have also a metal production. The offer includes ONE of the 4 gun products, 2 German, 1 British and 1 US!

British 6pdr At-gun and 3 crew

US 57 mm AT-gun and 3 crew

German PAK 40 75 mm AT-gun and 3 crew

German IG18 75 mm Infantry gun and 3 crew

This offer could be a good opportunity to test their metal products!

If you don't know what to buy or just got something which you can combine with Valiant products, here to order:!

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