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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk / Altar modelling

Yesterday I got my first order from Altar modelling in Ankara.

Mr. Abdullah Turhal sent me my order in 2 days. If you think, that he makes "one-man-show", as a creator, searcher,designer and organizer, you can just imagine the whole work.

The service and packing are super.

The first one, "Ataturk"-figure is a 54 mm. white metal figure, in marshal uniform from 1923 during "Turkish Independence War 1919-1923", produced in 2009.

Each figure is packed in a box, complete with historic notes, in turkish and english and with a color photo.

Historical research and design was made of Abdullah Turhal, sculptor was Uhrin Zsolt,the figure on the photo was painted by Julio Cabos from Andrea Miniatures.

The figure is made of 3 separate parts and packed in 3 different bags.

That's how it looks, without painting:
The quality of the figure is very good, a natural pose with no flash and good detail.

And at last, the similarity of teh face to the person of "Ataturk" is really fantastic.

If you want to read more about "Ataturk", the founder of the "Turkish republic", "Wikipedia" can be a good start:

and you should read more, if you are interested in history...

The website of the company:

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