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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Battlelore: Horrific Horde expansion!

Today I opened one of the expansion sets of Battlelore.

Horrific Horde is the name of the expansion and its called also "goblin army pack"

This expansion set contains

42 figures, including

three types of previously released troops,

12 goblin swordsmen, (blue banner /core set)

6 Hobgoblin cavalry, (green banner/ core set)

6 Hobgoblin Hyena riders, (blue banner/"Goblin marauders" expansion)

and 2 new types of troops,

6 Ogres, (red banner)
12 goblin Halberdiers (green banner).

This pack comes with 14 banners;

to field the Goblinoid troops for the Pennant camp and to field the Ogres by either camps (Pennant or standard).

As usual there are

2 Specialist cards, for both new troop types and

2 unit Summary cards,

1 "medieval tactics for "battle savy troops",

2 weapon summary cards, (incl. the update of "Sling"),

and 15 deployment cards for the "Call to arms" deployment system.
and at least 5 ready-to-play scenarios.

With this expansion, or this reinforcement of 42 additional goblin troops, goblins are no more "sporting actors" in the "Battlelore-world", not only mercenaries, they can build their own goblin army and devastate their enemies for their own purposes.

and don't forget it's only an expansion, but a scary one...

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