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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Premium banner Packs for "Battles of Westeros"-boardgame!

Premium Banner Packs for "Battles of Westeros"-boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games are now on sale!

Each pack contents 44 plastic banners with sticker sheets of green, blue and red units for both sides of the game, Stark ans Lannister.

That's a very good idea, because the original banners in the core game has been critised in a lot of forums.

The highest number of banners needed in a single scenario totaly for both sides is 41.

And in the "skirmish" scenarios, the maximum number of units incl. commanders is 15.

That means, one pack of those "premium banners" will be enough for all the scenarios in the core game!

The price on FFG webstore is 9.95 USD.

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