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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ju-52 and LI-2 models in different scales from "Art of Tactic"?

During 2011 there will be 2 transport planes for each side for the boardgame "The great Patriotic War" from Zvezda.

The well-known Ju-52, Junkers 52, nicknamed"Tante JU/Auntie JU", as a german transport aircraft, which is illustrated in the 2011 catalog with a drawing:

and Li-2, Lisunov -2, which was a licence-built version of Douglas DC-3, announced in the Zvezda catalog with a photo:
The issue which confuses me is the scale of both planes. It is written as 1:200, while all the other planes has the scale of 1:100.

Maybe both planes are too big in compare to the fighter and ground-attack aircraft, so that this additional scale should be choosen as an exception.

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  1. Hi! I did a bit of measurement.
    On Zvezda site they say that the LaGG-3 kit is 1:144, and is 6 cm long.
    A LaGG-3 fighter was about 8,9 m more or less; that makes 6,1 cm in 1:144 scale. So the Zvezda kit should be fine for that scale.
    A Li-2 should be 19,5 m long, that makes for 13,5 cm in 1:144 scale. Too big for the exes used in Zvezda's wargame which are maybe 5 cm wide (don't know for sure, just eye measurement). A Li-2 in 1:200 scale should be 9,75 cm, a more reasonable lenght for the game. The choice of making different kits in different scales works fine for wargamers, not so fine for modellers though. If that's a wise choice, only time will tell.