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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Battles of westeros - round - first phase: "Rally phase"!

The first phase in the first round is called “rally phase”.

This phase is executed simultaneously by both players.

In these phase the players perform 3 actions.

1-Determine advantage:

At the beginning of the game, in the first round, it’s written in the battle plan who has the momentum.
But from the second round on, the amount of COMMAND TOKENS

on each players COMMAND BOARD

will be compared and the one with the most COMMAND TOKENS gets the advantage and acts first in the current round.

If there is a tie’ the player with the momentum token wins the tie.

2-Refresh commanders:

Each player takes all COMMAND TOKENS from his COMMANDERS CARDS

and places onto his COMMAND BOX.

3-Rally units:

Each player makes his units active’ so that they can be ordered during the coming COMMAND PHASE.(This will be explained more detailed!)

Never forget while playing your COMMAND TOKENS, that you could be loosing the initiative for the forthcoming round.

This would be important especially in the last 2 rounds.

Should you play defensive or wait till your opponent makes tactic mistakes?

Difficult question; the answer depends on each scenario, I think!

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