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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battles of westeros - round - second phase: "Marshaling phase"!

The second phase in the first round is called "Marshaling phase".

During this phase, players gain resources for the round.

These resources are order tokens and leadership cards.

The following actions will be taken by both players:

1-Receive order tokens

2-Draw leadership cards

On each scenario in the "Battle plans"-book there is an information about game components.

Battle plan description:

1-Receive order tokens:

In this description, the so-called order rating icon determines the number of dices,

which should be rolled by each player during the marshaling phase for receiving order tokens.

The player takes order tokens that match the dice results from the supply.

At the end of each ROUND EACH player MUST discard Leadership cards and order tokens (of his choice) so that he has maximum of one leadership card and one order token for the next round.

This one order token (since the beginning of the second round!) and the additional order tokens matching the dice results form the players ORDER POOL.

2-Draw leadership cards:

In the battle plan description there is also a leadership rating icon:

Equal to this number each player draw cards from his own leadership deck and add to any card he carried from the previous round.

If there is no more cards remaining in his deck; then he shuffles his discard pile to form a new leadership deck.

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