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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

an electronic version of "C&C:Ancients" - boardgame from GMT Games

This time I would like to share with you an announcement from a boardgame publisher.

GMT Games is IMHO one of the bests, if not the best! (I know, its subjective!)

"Update on Electronic Games I promised many of you online that I'd give you an update on where we stand with our electronic games this time. So I polled all the development teams, only to find that the Christmas season and "real job" work requirements had caused a slowdown over the past couple months with many of our electronic game projects. Look for an announcement over the next couple of weeks about our agreement for the electronic rights to our two Commands & Colors series of games! Contracts have been signed and now we're just working on coordinating on the press releases."
İf you know more about the game:

And additionally a call from GMT games:

Please note that we are also VERY MUCH still looking for development partners for a bunch of our games. If it's not on the list I gave above (except for Labyrinth, which is committed as part of a deal with the Twilight Struggle team, or For the People, which is committed as a 2nd game to the Empire of the Sun team assuming all goes well with EotS), we'd love to talk with any interested developers about either an iOS, Android, or PC version. We'd prefer tablet games at present, but there are some for which the larger screen of the PC is more appropriate, so we're open to those as well. The below is by no means an exclusive list, as we're open to talking about any of our games, but I for one would love to see and play electronic versions of: American Revolution Series, Fields of Fire, Blackbeard, Conquest of Paradise, Great Battles of the American Civil War Series, Great Battles of History Series, Leaping Lemmings, Musket & Pike Series, Hellenes, Pax Romana, Santa Fe Rails, Successors, The Conquerors: Alexander, The Kaiser's Pirates, The Napoleonic Wars (and Wellington and Kutuzov)

That's all for this time on the electronic front.

If you are a programmer/developer or company rep and would like to talk with us about creating an electronic version of one of our games, or if you are interested in testing (send contact info and UDD of your iPad please) please contact me (Gene) at

Their website:

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