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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW2 Russian infantry (winter uniform) - set from Italeri!

It's actually a infantry set from 2005, but I got the figures from the "Model-set", "ISU 152 w/ russian infantry".

The set has 48 figures with 16 different poses, made of medium plastic and has tan color.

The troops are wearing two types of uniform. The greatcoat was brought into service before war. The second one is a combination of a jacket with trousers.

More than half of the figures carry a submachine gun, one is firing a light machine gun,

another one is carrying an AT-gun and one using a mortar.

Especially the one on the mortar reminds me of the old Esci figures, but the rest are fine. Three of the kneeling figures are very similar.

The sculpting is very good till excellent. The poses are realistic and good good detailed. There is no flash.

I added a commandant is from Revell's "siberian riflemen"-set, because I can't imagine how such a firm like Italeri can produce a set without a commandant.

The man with a child in his arms is a samll gimmick as a resistance fighter from Caesar's "WW2 Partisan in Europe"-set.

Altogether a very good set!

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