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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" expansions-soviet and german paratroopers!

Another expansion sets for "Art of Tactic" boardgame series of Zvezda are 2 new paratroopers for Soviets and Germans.

In the catalog this time a picture of german paras:

and a photo for soviet paras:

Both in 1/72 scale!

There are 5 paratroopers-sets:

The oldest one from Airfix produced in 1976:

Marketed especially in France from Heller.

One from Esci produced in 1989:
Reproduced from Italeri.

In the same year from Revell:

In 2009 a new one was produced from Caesar:

And last year the newest from Italeri in tropical uniform:

All these set have 40+ figures and 10 - 15 poses. The new Zvezda concept contents not even 10 figures with maximum 4 different poses in each set.

What will be the reaction of collectors and painters to those "specialized" sets?

Wait and see! (and read the forums!)


  1. The sculpts look good, they will get bought, that´s for sure.
    I´m more interested as to wether the samurais are new sculpts...I hope so:-D


  2. You're forgetting the Orion paratroopers. And Dragon has 2 sets of 8 figures as well, they come with Tiger II tanks.