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Friday, February 25, 2011

BattleLore: Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack

Yesterday night I played, rather tested solo a scenario from the expansion pack "Goblin Skirmishers".

If you followed the blog, you noticed that in the last weeks I am learning the rules of "Battles of Westeros".

This was the second expansion for Battlelore, published in 2007 and it contents 20 new figures with 3 different unit types.

Goblin slingers, which reflects the goblin characteristics "hit&run" in the best way.

Goblin drummers, which cancel the disadvantage of "being frightened" in each goblin unit, which they added.

Goblin band leader, which builds a "drummer unit" and maximizes the advantage of being "bold" for all goblin units in his own section.

And at least, IMHO, not the right choice for this expansion, the hobgoblin spear bearers, a heavy fighting unit for melees.

Yesterday I just wanted to make something different and choosen the "the sounds of water" scenario with some modifications.

After the battle some thoughts about the units in this expansion:

The range of slingers is 2 hexes and this is in a board with 13 hexes depth and compared to the archers which have a range of 4 hexes logical.

But it doesn’t reflect their characteristic, which is "hit&run" from a far distance.

The spear bearers are not the right choice for a “skirmishes” pack.

They should be a part of heavy troops, IMHO in the core game. I think, DoW realized this lack and added them. Not the right packet, but a “Welcome addition”!

The Goblin band leader and drummers are a “double-edged” matter.

They are welcome and a very good reinforcement for this “frightened” race, which makes the life/battle very difficult to their enemies.

But on the contrary the main characteristic of the goblin race, “frightened” is canceled with their existence, even in 2 battle sections, if you use them as a unit correctly.

Being “frightened” was a logical balance, compared to the “goblin rush”, (IMHO one battle dice, for the whole “goblin run” ( 2hexes), instead of 1 dice for each hex could be enough!)

OK; without confusing new players or potential gamers, the characteristics of the “goblin race” in the core game are the suited ones. They are bloodthirsty but at the same time frightened.

Those main characteristics should be kept in mind while adding new special units.

During the game last night, I realized that a correct placed drummer unit with a band leader (in a hex between two sections), which is protected by other units during the whole game, can change the course of the battle.

IMHO this is too much power for one unit and change the main characteristics of the goblin race.
There could be a range or time limit for the effect of this unit.

The music could effect only in 1 section or in a range of 4 hexes.

Or only by the complete units.

Just some thoughts..

Anyway it makes fun to play with and against goblins, with these addition!

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