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Monday, February 21, 2011

Italeri's "model set"'s and ISU 152 with russian infantry in winter uniform!

Last week, when I was making my daily walk I saw at the window of a hobby shop "new" sets of Italeri.

I should be causious with the definition "new", because what is "new" in our hobby in Turkey, could be 2 or 3 years old for Europe or USA.

There are some online-hobby shops, but I saw this kind of "model-sets" from Italeri for the first time in a shop.

It contents 48 infantry and 1 ISU 152, 6 acrylic paints, liquid cement adn 2 brushes.

It is called, "Model set needs only your talent".

There are a lot of different sets like,

american infantry with Sherman,

german elite troops with Kingtiger,

Valentine Mk I with british infantry,

Panther with german infantry and

ISU 152 with russian infantry, which I bought.

I have choosen this set, because of the soviet infantry with winter uniform, which I miss in my collection for "Stalingrad" - scenarios of Memoir 44 and the tank destroyer ISU-152 was also absend in my collection. (a little correction: It's not a tank destroyer, it's SPG. Thanks to "Wiking")

The ISU-152 is a fast-kit and to my surprise the set contents not only 1 piece, like it's written on the box, on the contrary, 2 pieces of that tank-destroyer!

IMHO a good set for beginners with a rare tank destroyer and a good infantry set.


  1. Just a little correction: the ISU 152 belongs to the self propelled artillery. SU 152 (note the missing "I") was the heavy Tankhunter. This set shows Infantry with an Artillery Tank as assault Gun.