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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

French Infantry WW1 from Revell!

There are a lot of infantry sets from World War 2, but only a few from World War 1.

The "French infantry WW1" from Revell is one of them.

It was produced in 1991, but was hot for a looong time because the Airfix classic was out of production.

and now Pegasus produced paralel to their "WW2 french infantry", another set of "WW1 french infantry".

The lack of WW2 french infantry set forced me to paint and use the Revell figures for WW2 dioramas or wargames, like Memoir 44.

Here some photos:

All major figures combines with a Somua of Heller and Char B1 from Matchbox:

A commandant with a typical grenade thrower:

The number of poses in this set are nine with a heavy machine gun. They all are realistic with a small amount fo flash.
There are a lot of riflemen with different advancing poses, with a kneeling man, firing a Chauchat, a light machine gun.

The heavy machine gun is a Hotchkiss, with good detail. The MG and figures are sitting into holes well.

But for me its a little weird, that its being fired from the side!
Actually because of their uniform they may be not used in a WW2 diorama, thanks to Pegasus they will be replaced by the correct ones.

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