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Monday, January 17, 2011

Zvezda’s new website and a lot of new sets!

After the rumours about Zvezda's possible cancellation of their historic figures sets, a lot of figures from Zvezda are announced!

Here is the list: (from" - website!)

Samurai period:


Ashigaru with Arquebus


Samurai Archers



Mounted Samurai

Monks Archers

Monks with Yari & Naginata

Commander with Bodyguards

Samurai Commanders

WW2 period:

German Sturmpionere

German Fallschirmjager (Paratroopers)

German Reconnaissance Team

German Gebirgsjager

Soviet Anti-Tank Team

Soviet Reconnaissance Team

Soviet Paratroopers

Soviet Naval Infantry

Soviet Engineers

Soviet Cavalry

There are no further information about the number of figures or any photo, even drawings are missing.

The price is 2.75 pound for each the set and this make me think, that there will be similarities in case of production method and end-product with the new WW2-series.

In each case, those will be small sets with less figures, like:

If those new products (in case of Samurai sets!) could reach the quality of their previous samurai sets?


By the way Zvezda redesigned also their website:

If it's now better, worser, nothing chanced or for someone who thinks "I don"t care!", it depends on your personal taste!I

MO, it looks 'better organised".

Were the rumours just only "latrine rumours'?

I'll say, wait and see. There are only 2 weeks (and 2 days!) till "Nuernbeg Toy Fair".

No more rumours!

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