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Friday, January 14, 2011

Zvezda 2011 news!

A few days earlier I found in web the new products of Zvezda for 2011, but in IMHO they were not complete, so that I waited with this news.

But now, after the rumors about Zvezda's 'possible' production stop in 1/72 historic sets, these could be the right time for the announcement of Zvezda's 2011 news, so that we can estimate the rumors better.

There are no photos just drawings for the coming figures in 1/72 scale:

Roman field artillery:


As far as I know, those were announced even for 2010.

WW2 German infantry (something new(!) in our hobby):

WW2 Soviet infantry:

Without drawings:

-French HQ

-Russian Cossacks (Napoleonics)

-Russian Shooters (Napoleonics)

-French Line Infantry

And in 1/72 scale military vehicles there are at the moment no photos, no drawings:

World War II Soviet Heavy Tank - Two-pack rapid build tanks - Glue necessary.

World War II German Tank - Two-pack rapid build tanks - Glue necessary

I think those are another fast kits, from "My first model kit"-series, which I reported:

Due to the information on the website the germans will be in summer in the field, while the soviets in Autumn.

(All the information is from website!)

Yes, that's ALL!

Only 8 figures and 2 tank-sets..

There is no detailed information about the WW2 sets, so that we can't know about the production type.

Through sculptors hands or 3D-machines??

But it seems so, that there will be no more historic sets after these two announced!

That means?

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