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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The logistics of armies at war!

As we announced it before, this years main theme in our hobby will be "Middle Ages" (combined with Fantasy!)

At the moment I am graduating MA in Ottoman history and my term papers theme is

"Food for the ottoman army in a campaign!"

So you can imagine why we have choosen this theme!

By pre-modern armies the whole organisation of logistics was based on transport over vast distances and pack animals were the key element.

One of them was the "horse".

There were two kinds of it.

One, as we all know, "warhorse" and the other, so-called "baygir" ("beygir" in turkish) as pack animal.

The "horse" was actually not a typical pack animal, more "warhorse".

But I addded two pack - horses to our wagon trail.

Yes, maybe some of you recognised that the horse is from the legendary set of Airfix, which isn't (maybe couldn't because of the lost molds!?) reproduced since many decades:

German mountain troops!

The other "baygir" is from Esci italian mountain troops:

All the figures can be chanced depending which army will be provisioned!

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