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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Camels in logistics and Haet's Egyptian camel corps!

During a campaign the overland transport system, sometimes even the waterway transport, if the river leads in the wrong direction relied on animal power.

The camel, expecting the water buffalo, was the favorite animal, because of its freight capacity.

İn comparison it was even faster and better suitable for the climate.

A load capacity of a camel is app. 250 kg and special skins from leather were produced for this purpose.

During the centuries the arabic camels were crossed with Bactrian ones from Central Asia for creating hybrids which were more resistant to the Anatolian and Balkan climates.

The camel figures are from Haet’s “Egyptian camel corps” set.

The set was released in 2008.

İt contents 12 figures with 4 poses and 12 camels with 3 poses.

The plastic is a fairly soft one.

You can use them for the Anglo-egyptian army, but also for the Ottoman one.

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