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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Battles of Westeros expansion "Brotherhood without banners" - figures in comparison!

Hi Sam,

here are the comparison:

At first with Battlelore figures:

then with 1/72 scale figures:

More detailed info for you:

and the cavalry:

Sorry for the delay!


  1. Thanks!!
    they are very small! (almost Ho scale)
    and they don't look so nice...
    The cavalry one seems to be better, but not a great master-piece!

  2. When I compare them with Battlelore figures they are thin and smaller.

    A comparison with 1/72 scale is actuallt not fair; but I didn't know if it was important to you or not!

    We use not the human figures of Battlelore, but the 1/72 scale figures while playing BL!

  3. ... the scale is not important for me!
    If I could get some BW figures, I would be happy! I just know that some of them seem to be very good, and that's enough!
    The scale: I'm painting mainly 1/72, but I can do 28mm or less, if I like the figures!