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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New 3D sculpting technology, low costs, less figures, no more historics!

Hi folks,

after reading at first the rumors and then the facts about Zvezda's 2012 product list, I checked my posts from last year and recognized this post:

With the infantry figures for their new boardgame "The great Patriotic War 1941" they made the first steps, into the new direction, producing figures with a new technology, without any sculptor:

Does it mean, that the days of sculptor-designed figures are over?

No more natural and aesthetic looking historic figures?

Producing with lower costing, more products and faster, hoping more profit!?

Hopefully, so-called "special sets" in periodic intervals, created through sculptors!

Hope dies last!


  1. Well... I didn't like 3D sculpt figures!
    When we see the human spirit and imagination of many great sculptors, I think that it's a shame to do what is doing Zvezda !!
    We all know that those awful figures are for Wargamers but I'm sure that many of them never buy those (expensive!) mini-sets: they have better choices from many "traditional" manufacturers....
    Shame on you ZVEZDA !

  2. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog. I live in Munich (been here 13 months) Its a nice place to live :)

    All the best