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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zvezda 2012 news!

Zvezda have recently confirmed their plans for 2012.

The sad news is that apart from the two World War II sets announced last year (German and Soviet Infantry), there will be no new figure sets this year.

However all the previously announced Art of Tactic sets (small game pieces - generally four figures) have new release dates, and there are a number of new World War II additions to the list.

The new sets are as follows:
6143 - German Medical Personnel
6152 - Soviet Medical Personnel
6166 - British Infantry
6167 - British Machine Gun Crew
6168 - British Mortar with Crew
6178 - German Regular Infantry
6179 - Soviet Regular Infantry
6180 - German Elite Troops
6181 - Soviet Militia
6182 - German Anti-Tank Team

Further reading about "Art of tactic":

No more historic sets?

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