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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baygirs for different periods!

Here more baygirs from Airfix "german mountain troops" and Haet's "numidian cavalry" for the trail wagons from different periods:

Numidian horses combined with Gauls (Revell set)

When we talk about the "army" of a pre-modern time, we have to consider not only the soldiers and each sortof guns, but also the pack and war animals!

Actually regarding "food" issue, the animals have priority. The daily demand of an animal is twice as high as an soldier, which means the amount of fodder transport and storage on major depots was an essential issue.

As an example, the Ottoman army required for the Baghdad campaign of 1638-39 more than 77.000 camels only for carrying grain.

A horse from "Airfix" combined with an "Esci" barbarian!

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