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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roads in medieval times and additional wagons from İmex wagon sets!

The insufficient infrastructure and primitive transport technology in medieval times were the weakest point of the military system in this period.

Even under ideal weather conditions the roads and especially bridges were unstable.

The wagons were also not so resistant.

The munition wagon from İmex set:

The ambulance wagon from the same set:

This set was released in 1997 and the models were made from medium consistensy plastic. İt contents 2 wagons, 2 drivres and 2 patients lying in litter.


  1. If you want an advice (or two), paint the wagons before putting them on a base; change your bases - those will not last.


  2. ... and paint all the parts of figures and accessories! (for basic painting lessons, we are here!)
    1-use acrilyc MAT colours ...and fine brushes (000 to 1)
    2-do a primar coat (white, grey, black... no matter!) on all the figure or parts of the model, (IMEX plastic needs severall coats, because the paint don't hold very well on it!)
    3-paint what you see! not necessary, perhaps, that the painting work is perfect!

    Thinking that's enough, no?

    (if this can help you: ok! if it don't, delete this b****y post!)