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Thursday, January 20, 2011

WWII German Horse Drawn Multi-Purpose Wagon from Haet!

In our hobby there are some favourite models, like Tiger, Panther, T-34, and so on.

A lot of producers are offering those models, in different variants.

But some vehicles and weapons of WW2, which were used in great quantities are hard to find.

One of them is "horse-drawn"-vehicles.

Revell produced once the "German artillery WW2", really a wonderful model, after so many years still appreciated.

During WW2 the horse within German Army played a huge role. It’s actually a great paradox, when we think that this army invented Blitzkrieg.

The army which was most mechanized, was also the one using, the slowest and vulnerable transportation vehicle, the horse!

In fact, WWII German Army was the one employing the greatest number of horses, and pack animals in the history of mankind wars.

The number of horses needed yearly by the German Army was around 1.000.000.

Although the technological advance on every weapon was continuing especially during the war faster than as usual, the transport vehicle was one of the main problems in Wehrmacht.

After 1943 the number of horses serving in the German Army was increasing, due to Allies strategic bombardments of factories.

The production was being seriously affected while the horse-breeding farms escaped untouched.

And nowadays, the Haet is finishing the next "horse drawn multi-purpose wagon".

Here ist the test shot from their website:

and a second one:

After this short summary, it must be clear, why I'll buy this one and not just one!

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  1. Apparently it is also made from hard plastic which makes it more attractive. usefull looking vehicle.